The boat without nails

I climbed into the Jewel of Muscat yesterday. It is a rare opportunity so I grabbed the chance to do it though it is not easy to step on those tiny planks to get into the boat.

However, when I got on board the tiny boat, my knees wobbly already cos the boat was bouncing in the sea and there were so many VIPs and photographers. I don’t want to trip over someone’s tripod or those ropes and fall into the sea.

So, I didn’t manage to film much of the boat interior. Anyway, there isn’t much to shoot because it is basically wood and ropes.

Enjoy the short video. I took it as part of my new job. Notice the video is not holding the logo but a cat logo. I know I should make a nicer montage and logo but not at the moment. I am still trying out the ropes of covering the state events.

A videographer member asked me, “You ni buat video corporate lah ni?” I joked, “Tak lah, video propaganda.” Whether I say it out loud or not, I know some of you are thinking it.

It is a pretty hectic weekend today. Been to three events and am about to go for another one. Enough time for me to load the clips, charge batteries and off to more video. It takes some concentration to pick only what was not repeated.

I was telling a reporter friend, “Aiyorrr…I have to listen to same speech, three times in 3 hours, want to fall asleep already.” But never mind, I know I am pretty good in editing the videos and making each one interesting enough with facts and important points. If I think listening to speeches are tiring, I have to think of the one who has to deliver it each time with lots of genuine passion.

People – Only for 2 days (i.e. today and tomorrow Sunday), the Jewel of Muscat is open to the public. 2-5 pm only. It is berthing at Tanjung Marina (near the ferry).

2 thoughts on “The boat without nails

  1. Ee yerr…so jeles. They won’t even let us go up. Only get to camwhore at the side and can’t even see the whole boat šŸ™ Some more, some Indian uncle called me “Auntie” :p Cis, I really wanted to throw him into the sea šŸ˜€

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