Proton “Exora My Unbeatable Family”

If we have to buy another family car, we will certainly take a second look at the Proton Exora. Right now, we are thinking of trading in our seven seater for a newer one. There is just no way we can do without an MPV.

We are looking for something affordable, does not guzzle petrol like our current one and most important of all, provide a comfortable ride to my family of six. When we put all the kids together, they tend to fight. So unless the car is spacious and comfortable, war will break out during car rides when one jostled the other.

I guess most families now are opting for a MPV to fits the baby carseat, maid, mother-in-law and all the baggage. That’s why Proton came up with this idea of a reality show to get everyone in the family to enjoy a wholesome, family value and entertaining show call the ‘Exora My Unbeatable Family’ show.

First of all, I got to tell you why you have to tune in to 8tv for the show. Because, the host is Steve Yeap. I met him in person the other day and oh my….I was sooo engrossed staring at him, I forgot what I was supposed to do. So, I am definitely tuning in.

Now, here are the details of the reality show. It is on every Sunday, 7pm 8TV . 8TV is also available on Astro channel 708. The show is in Mandarin and there are seven episodes altogether. The winner gets to go back with a Proton Exora.

Beside the grand prize, the contest also enables audiences to win RM500 cash prize on the weekly online contest! Log on for more details.

Too bad that I didn’t know about this family reality show or I would be the first to audition to participate. What can be more exciting than to ride in a Proton Exora and compete with other families. But oh wait…it is not a race. The family who participate are supposed to compete in physical and mental challenges.

Hmmm….now that sounds interesting…I wonder if it is anything like the Amazing Race? Will the family members ended up fighting with each other instead? Who knows, when you put people in contests like these, they get pressured and with an attractive prize like a car like the brand new Proton Exora High-Line, anything can happen.

We shall have to tune in every Sunday, 7pm 8TV to find out. And if you missed an episode, you can also view the episodes online on the microsites

*This post is brought to you by Exora*

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