Sorry, but I am not a cj anymore

This is for those who are not on my Facebook. Please note that I have decided I am not going to be part of the group of citizen journalists.

I have enough of fellow cjs who tok kok more than work and I have told them I do not want to be associated with them. The adage ’empty vessels make the most noise’ fits very well.

I am also sick of Lucia Lai whom had time and time again, back-stabbed me by sending emails to new CJs. Some of these CJs forwarded the mails to me. Some termakan her poison and are so bent on finding fault with me, talking behind my back.

So, in true The Obnoxious 5xmom style, I told them to fly kite.

I had written to tell my trainer about it. No more video contributions from me.

They want me to put a disclosure that I am working with a certain department. I suggested they should also ask all other CJs to do the same because they are members of political parties, working in the council of the their state or helpers of MPs and Aduns.

I don’t mind disclosure. I asked the same to be done for all. What do I get? Silly emo apek going on and on over stupid nonsense.

Plus in future, our videos will be vetted by a committee. Yet, these committee members do not have the guts to make a stand on the disclosure. No one wants to say yes or no. How to be a committee when you cannot even take the heat from me?

So, yeah, fuckit, I am out of the loop. But that doesn’t mean I have stopped making videos.

“I will be back” in true Terminator style.

13 thoughts on “Sorry, but I am not a cj anymore

  1. well said sista!!! n nahh…lend u my two middle fingers to stick up their farky ansy arse

  2. Lebih people everywhere.. fuck them hard! Terminator will be back yeay! Hope they see this post and screw themselves. Don’t puay puay with our Auntie Lilian…

  3. Dear lilian, yes that’s the way to tell them off….
    I totally agree with you. Go on and continue to keep on writing. I respect your stand. Don’t even give them a shit To all those CJ.

  4. Ritz – Nice name jugak ya?

    Eveleen – Wuah, yeng hor? Nice leh…

    Friend of Penang – Memang pun…But I doubt it has to do with the praying part, more like the kind who needs to ‘lihat cermin sendiri’. She got damn thick face one, behind my back, go email even my trainer and my trainer showed me her mail how she bad mouthed me. Yet, in front, act like a pathetic, korlian spinster.

    Hilat – Whoever you are, thank you.

    Miaooo – Ya, feel so good to ditch the whole thing, freedom.

    RO – You long long listen to my private rant, so glad I got rid of them leh? You go see her status, conscience clear wor. Phtooi, of course lah, devil where got conscience one mah, rite?

  5. Good for you mak cik! Since you work 9-5 now, forget about blogging lah. After all, CJ or not you also same – talk cock; no work just carry CM all the time. Good for you!

  6. Eh, learn to change IP a bit lah. Every single comment you also cari pasal with LGE. Go Speaker’s Corner and talk there lah.

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