A Sunday to call my own

Men are amazing creatures.
They can fall asleep the moment their heads hit the pillow if they know they need to wake up in another 2 hours.
They can tune themselves to wake in 2 hours for the next match.
They won’t wake up grouchy if there is another football match.
They can cheer.

But if you put the same man to take care of a baby that needs milk every two hours, they will play dead.
Cannot hear.
Cannot move.
Even if they wake up, they will act like they are fainting from grogginess.
They can only grunt.

Anyway, the main topic is not Football and Men. The main topic is how I suddenly treasure Sundays.

Before this, Sunday is just another day because every single day is a Sunday to me. But now, I have to wake up at 7 am every weekdays to fetch my son to school. So, there is no such thing as sleeping and waking late.

So, what do I do when I can afford to stay up so late?

1) Add a few people to my Twitter but also dropped a few too. You know why? Cos some folks use Twitter like MSN. It is ok to tweet a few responses but not use it all the time to ‘talk’, you know?

2) Upgrade my blog theme, upgrade plugin. The scary thing about these techie stuff is, if you don’t meddle with them often, you tend to forget. For example, last night I have to upload a WP-plugin manually because I couldn’t do so from my admin board. But suddenly, I totally forget where plugin folders are stored. So, making mental note to meddle with php files and server folders often so that I can call myself my own webmaster.

3) Reading other people’s Facebook status

4) Looking through other people’s photos

5) And I am laughing at this Youtube: (you have been warned, contains the F word)

So, it is another few minutes before the next football match. I think I shall go to sleep instead.

And not having to wake up early. Or do anything. Damn nice, for a Sunday.

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