It’s not even 12 midnight but I have to go to sleep.zzzzz…..

Life is so kor-lian.

Cannot stay up till 3 am anymore.

Because this week no paid posts to kautim since all the angmohs are on some holidays or something.

School holidays but nowhere to go cos the two older sons are having classes in college. Hubby has gone to KL but we cannot tumpang on day trip cos I got kerja adi.

#3 son is going for 3-day camp so no one else to entertain the youngest boy but me.

Because hubby has an early morning flight, I have to drop the # 3 son at 8.30 am and I got assignment up in Bayan Baru at 9 am.

So,the little prince demanded warm foods which means I must wake at 7 am.

Babysitters (i.e. #1 and #2 sons) told me I am spoiling him. #2 son said I am turning youngest boy into a diva with his ‘I want warm foods’.

Yesterday, I ulangkaji with the youngest boy and both of us, after finding how boring school works are, fell asleep at 8 pm. When we woke up at 2am, we had to take another 2 hours to fall back to sleep.

My blog is getting boring, I know. Cos I cannot say what I want, write what I think at the moment. If I do that, I wanna tiu some people. But they are not worth your time, so I shall be very sweet and nice and say nothing at all.

Anyway…this video here? I just feel like posting it on this blog, can ah? Cos I like it very much. Especially the part towards the end. I missed the chance of watching this video ‘live’ at the concert when it was played in front of audiences. But I hope to watch another one which will be shown in Han Chiang. To me, it is a big deal to produce a clip and having it shown to people, living people, not cyberviewers. I want to see their responses, whether they look bored, they look interested or they are utterly in love with the whole thing.

Off to bed now…just like all the working slaves….Nite nite….

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  1. U seldom put ur face pic in ur blog huh. Actually i like to read ur blog. But just sometimes lazy to leave a comment.

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