Between earning ‘fake’ money and ‘real’ money

Earning money online can make people de-value money. Well, at least it makes me feel money are just boring.

The income is not through those online shops where you have to actually handle physical things or going to post offices to deliver the goods. The income is the type where we sit behind our computer, in our torn batik nightdress and watch our ads bringing us money.

At the end of the month, or every two weeks, we get our money into the bank. Initially, it was fun. Then, it loses its meaning. A while ago, I just took 7 paid posts. Kacang putih, close eyes also can crap type of quality needed.

Of course, it is not I don’t treasure these sort of blessings. I do, and I thank God for them. But making money like that doesn’t have the human touch and you sort of feel so meaningless.

That’s why I took up what I am doing, i.e. video journalism. I get to go and meet people, interview them, take their photos, visit sites and then, supply all the details to my boss. (need I remind you my boss is a lady boss? 🙂 )

Besides that, I get to run around video-ing you-know-who. Of course, the downside is, now I cannot write ‘my idol’ anymore cos it seems so wrong when you are surrounded by colleagues and I cannot tok kok like the blogger I was. I also don’t get to refer to him as my Adun and can use whatever complaints to rant.

But the upside is, it is so easy to edit and film a video now because that’s basically the focus. You got a problem with him being in the frame all the time? Well, wutudo…he is the news so get used to it.

I hope I have enough time to help some of the officers who deal with the rakyat problems by making videos about their issues. I have plans to cover several groups of people too. But at the moment, I have yet to settle down to a routine.

I do ask myself, is it worth the crazy schedules sometime? It can be a mad rush from events to events but so far, I have only like 2-3 days of that sort of thing. Today, I told him, “Slow, slow ah, wait I go first” cos his driver drives like jet plane while I have to slowly figure out how to get from Magazine Road to Scotland Road. He told me, “Ah..don’t worry, I got a meeting before leaving, you take your time.” Phew…

So, I do enjoy the physical work with some gaji (hey, can I say, that’s YOUR money muahahahar) and my online stuffs with lots of USD. All are my sweat and skills so I thank God for all the fun and moolah.

Again, I don’t know about others but one does get bored making money online when there is no challenges or interacting with people.

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  1. Chuan – I veli poor one, I earn also don’t spend much lah. Mostly keep for the kids education lor. Spend a bit nia. But yeah lah, got house, got food enough liao, no debts.

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