Yet another day is done

I just returned from a get-together in church. That’s the nice things about being Christian because we have a community, a life-support system to cling to, like barnacles.

For a mom like me with so many kids, I go through that cycle with every child. It is sort of like their coming of age thingie. From the eldest son to the third one now. When I was freer, I used to volunteer there, helping to cook for the youths and stuffs. But this time, I couldn’t due to less time.

So, when I watch those 13 and 14 yrs old youths jumping around, prancing, having fun and acting in front of their parents, I get all warm and fuzzy. My #3 son is in it. Many years back, my eldest son and then, my second son also went through this Persons Are Gifts camp.

But those 13 yrs old and 14 yrs old are also part of the catechism class I taught and I am actually one of their teachers. Until today, I never see myself as a teacher to them. I am more like a student, just like them. Still, I am so proud of them. So honoured that I am part of their journey to adulthood.

The quiet students have lost that shyness and they are letting loose. So many of the shy and quiet ones are actually so natural in talking in front of so many parents. Kids are super great when you give them a chance to express themselves.

For a few weeks, I have been pondering if it is only fair I stop teaching catechism because my Saturdays and Sundays are tied up with video assignments. Right now, I cannot take up a whole class lesson because I do not know if I will be around on that Saturday. Usually, we plan ahead and we alternate amongst ourselves to prepare for the week’s lesson. We do not just jump into the class and start teaching. For me, I take weeks to ponder over that week subject, see how I can relate it to the students’ lives, search for materials, Youtube videos and etc.

After tonight, I think I will hang on first and keep journeying with them in class. It is such an honour to be part of their lives as they are growing up. One cannot just become a catechism teacher. I am lucky the priest allows me because he knows I have so many kids of my own and hence, I can better relate to the children while other teachers are more into the religious part of the lessons.

You know you are a pretty cool teacher when the 13 years old boys asked, “Teacher, teacher, is Moses gay?” We have three teachers in class, one is the mother of a world champion and she knows the Bible so well. The other one is in senior management and an expert trainer in an electronics firm with huge knowledge of Catholicism. And lastly, me who has very little knowledge about the Bible and it’s history, clueless but I have a lot of ‘with faith, you will do ok’ attitude to share.

So, yeah, I will hang around first. Right now, I have to place my work as priority but I am sure things will smoothen out after a few months. I shall leave it to Jesus to deal with it. I will be there for them when I can because church is first and foremost part of my life. I just have to explain to my students that I am not ponteng-ing classes but I simply have been blessed with a job when I least expect it and I must put my best into it because Jesus gave me the chance.

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  1. Im not a christian, but sometimes i will go to church 2gether with my friends. I found that everytime i went there, i will feel very peace in mind.

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