The morning when I mixed up my timing

Here I am, at 8.40 am in the morning, waiting for my alarm clock to goes off at 9 am.

I was pretty sure the task I have to do was at 11.30 am. So, I told myself over the weekend that I can go to church at 10 am and slowly crawl out right after holy communion and get to work. It is only about 15 mins drive anyway.

So, at 8.40 am, I was wondering if I should wear my Sunday’s best because on Sundays, people tend to be more critical than other days. They will tell you if you have grown fatter, wear nicer or the worst, they may even ask you, “Lilian….you look tired, are you ok?” when you didn’t bother with make-up.

But wearing Sunday’s best is my pet hate. It is kinda silly to get all dressed up just for one hour of service. Moreover, Jesus told me God looks at our hearts, not our appearances. So, why must I wear nice-nice when I can just go wearing t-shirt and jeans?

So, I was still wondering..if I wear my Sunday’s best, I will escape easier than having all sorts of comments coming my way if I look like I don’t care about the last supper. You know..we treat each ‘visit’ as the glorious supper with our Divine. But I will feel so out of place, on a Sunday, with a bunch of reporters later on.

You know….female reporters are known to wear only basics. Only a few will put on make-up. So, if you are one of those women who love to wear nice dresses, make-up and heels, do consider other career. Of course, if you are there to fish for a rich Datuk, please do so. Then, you can retire at 23.

Moreover, for some of us, we cannot afford to wear heels because we need to walk ‘go-stan’ on all sorts of terrain in our job of filming or photographing.

So, there you have it…me. 8.40 am. Got church and got work. Dunno what to wear.

Then, I double-check my email. And oh-oh, it is 11 am. Not 11.30 am. Yesterday was 11.30 am. Today is 11.00 am. Aiyor…then, how am I going to church at 10 am because I can’t finish so early.

Therefore, I shall have to skip CHS mass at 10 am. There is one at 5.30 pm at Pulau Tikus. That’s what so nice about having many churches. You can find one that suits your timing. God understands…You busy mah…Got work, must do.

And here goes Lady Gaga ‘I have a little bit too much….’ (that’s my alarm, btw) Lady Gaga is asking me to wake up and Let’s Dance.

You have a nice Sunday too.