The morning when I did push-ups

This is just a self-psyching post to make sure that I don’t back out. Once I said it on my blog, I will feel paiseh to back down, ok?

So, few days ago, I did the crazy thing of signing up for Bootcamp. It is a military style of exercising.

I had a medical test done the other day at the Penang GH. I need the medical test report for my employment. So, I am certified healthy.

With that, I think I can. So, I signed up.

And this morning…at the ungodly hour of 5.20 am, I drove out, full of excitement.

I thought my house is very near to Youth Park so I took my own sweet time. But I got there exactly at 5:45 am. They are very strict about punctuality.

So, there isn’t time to do much except to run up and down to keep my bag, take out my water bottle, keep my keys and start lining up.

Two rows. Warm up.

Dark, very dark.

Grass wet and smells of mud and green grass (doh..of course green smell lah, tak kan gusai, right?)

Then, we were asked to run as fast as we can.

One round in Youth Park’s field.

I know I am the oldest participant. I am the most unfit as I don’t do regular jogging. But what the heck, if it doesn’t kill me, it will make me tougher.

Moreover, my job is not exactly sedentary as I usually have to chase cows in Kampung Buah Pala or run after demonstrators. Last week, I went around like a city council tay-gu (councillor)visiting construction site, the sea and the city.

Usually when I am video filming, it means standing for hours, sometimes like four hours. So, I consider myself quite fit lah.

So, our Sarge told us to run as fast as we can. I didn’t try lah, don’t want to kiasu mah. That means I fall into the last group. There are three groups.

There are things I could do. And things that made me feeling dizzy because I know I am not getting enough oxygen. Even on normal times, if I am squatting down or sitting down for too long, if I suddenly stand up, I get dizzy.

And guess what? We have to lie on our belly on the wet, muddy grass and do push up. How fun, right? Yeah, the first few was fun. But the catch is, if one of us is out of sync, everyone starts again…. Then, when we were asked to stand, I start to see stars. So, I excused myself.

I walked around and then, sat there in the darkness and wonder if I should chicken out, take my key, drive home and forget it. Or keep resting until I don’t feel ‘see bright lights’ anymore.

Then, I, not me. I cannot chicken out. It is against my principle. I don’t chicken out easily. So, I ran back and join the group and then, we ran around the Youth Park field like 10 rounds. Yes, that many.

The younger and fitter ones carried heavy tyres, heavy ropes, sand bags…Me? I carried the rope once but drop out because I cannot keep up.

The scary part is, if you are the last, the first will make a U-turn and run besides you. Aiyor, I hate being last so I pushed myself.

And I survived the first day.

Looking forward to go back on Wednesday, meaner, fitter and more determined. Hooyeah!

One thought on “The morning when I did push-ups

  1. hi, saw ur post bout bootcamp in Penang. I’m seriously considering this. I’m malay, 38 years of age, out of shape, out of breath & gym personal trainer charging too high? I’ve chronic backpain & a bit of knee issues. Hope u can elaborate more like
    1) how many turned up?
    2) how’s fee like? you pay on-site or online?
    3) you register online or on-site?
    4) how many trainer r there?
    5) do they 1 to 1 training? or by smaller group?
    6) Do they categorize those who has illness?

    appreciate feedback,

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