7 thoughts on “Look! I am on TV3 and I speak Bahasa like a Malay

  1. Your BM is so fluent..and I thought that my BM was good, but yours is superb! So proud of a fellow penangite! Best of luck ! Go rock!

  2. I was surprised the hold trial bootcamp in Penang.Now I know. Thinking of signing up if they do have one in future.

    Lilian, been waiting like ages to see you on TV…When lah?

    I watch2 see you sitting oni…:-)

  3. KC – Like they say, save the best for last. I think there are still 2 more pairs before my turn. Which is three more Mondays. Bootcamp? I am torn between doing it and avoiding it. I like how tough it is but I hate being the few who need to bail out once in a while due to dizzy spells. From push-up to jump, sure dizzy one.

    Michelle – Send some vibes over, I am battling it out again.

    Angie – At least nowadays, I get to speak with the Malay reporters so it has been polished again.

  4. Can’t wait for your turn to appear on TV to show off your culinary skill! Gambatteh!

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