Maybe I should note down my completed month of working?

If you don’t see my blog post, it is because I have deleted them before I publish. Sometimes, I ranted about things but after hitting the keyboard, I lost my fire and decided to delete post.

Can’t help it because my blog is under public scrutiny at the moment and I don’t want to be answering things which I blogged. You know…some people like to read silently and when they meet you, they asked you things you had blogged.

But the thing is, I usually like to keep what I write here and do not like to extend it to my real life.

So, the beginning of July means I have completed a month’s work. However, I only submit my letter of acceptance today. Civil service is just so urggh…There are so many nitty-gritty, red-tape, bureaucracy things to deal with.

Now, I am not complaining, I am just not used to these sort of things. Mileage claim form is bearable but that is because there is Google maps to help me to calculate the distance. I lost all my parking chits and bridge toll.

After not having to deal with claims for so many years, it is just so pek-chek to collect all the tiny receipts and stuffs for claims.

I need to specially see a nice staff at the Ketua Akauntan office or whoever that pays the salary. I have to be briefed on how to claim OT. *roll eyes* So, I forget about claiming June OT though I worked on weekends for several weeks. It is just too complicated to bother.

For July, I hope I have more discipline in keeping those tiny chits and jotting down my working hours. Then again, how am I going to justify those hours I put in at night to edit videos or archiving things? Do I tell my, “Boss ah, since I cannot justify my working hours, can I don’t do anything the moment I finished work at 4.30 pm?” Hey, do you know I don’t even know my working hours? I think it is 8.30 am to 4.30 am. With tea break at 10 am till 11am, lunch time from 12.45 to 1.30 pm and afternoon tea at 3 pm. Just joking…

So, what’s like to work? Well, according to my boss, my office won’t be ready so soon. Which is whoopee to me because it means I have flexi hours. On some days, I make myself useful at home by keeping up to date with the latest political news. On some days, I go cover the community issues. I don’t just cover LGE alone, you know?

Anyway…I am lucky I have a nice lady boss. Very nice. And I am still able to fetch my son from school every afternoon (right grammar now, Sue? 🙂 )

I shall take one day at a time. Hopefully when I am supposed to stay put in an office, it will be next year. It is amusing when I calculate my overtime rates. I can stay home, close my eyes, type 60 words and earn USD5. But overtime? is really funny how low it is. But I am doing what I am doing with a cause. I see myself as the shit stirrer, a job not many people can do.

Do you know that I do the videos however I think is best? I don’t need to refer to an editor. I just follow my wisdom (through reading all those online sites, blogs, Facebook and etc to gauge the situation) and put them up. It is a risk but after one year as a citizen journalist, I have confidence I know how to do it best.

What more can I ask? A nice boss. A cause I believe in. No one to mother over me. A decent paying job. And I just love how those people chameleon and change their expression and attitude towards me when I revealed where I come from. Usually, people have that attitude that if my camera is that small and I don’t look like a high flying photographer or videographer (usually male,Malay, tough), then, they probably should just ignore me when I asked them questions.

Usually, when I go to a location, I need to find out what their program is, where and when LGE is going to give his speech etc so I know where to set up my camera. They would give me that look which says, ‘Oh, don’t bother me…I am busy, the CM is coming you know? Are you from Bernama? Do I even invite you?’

Some greenhorns public relations chaps will quickly give their 360 deg turn and suddenly stood up when I tell them where I am attached to. Sigh…the world is full of hypocrites. Especially in the corporate world. I hate those events. But it is a job.

Usually, I would delete even this sort of post. But who cares lah…

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