So who has a holiday today?

7th July is a holiday in Penang. However, the state cannot enforce it due to yadda yadda yadda act which is bla bla bla….Some schools observe today as a holiday. Some companies too.

I am lucky. My boys who are from the mission schools do not need to go to school. My hubby also cuti World Heritage Day.

Things have changed a lot. Two years ago when Penang first got her UNESCO World Heritage Site, I could afford to write nonsensical stuffs like what I wrote on July 25, 2008. Last night when I read through, I was like, “OMG, was I really that crazy?” Read my post : I dare not even mention the title.

But you know what? The following year in 2009 March 8, CM actually remembered I was the blogger whose son took picture with him at the mosque! And that was my first citizen journalist assignment.

Things somehow turned out ok. Today, two years later, I am actually working as a video journalist. And whether I want to stalk or not, today, I have to cover the state event (aka CM’s) from 8 am to 1 pm and then, 5 pm to 11 pm.

Good thing is my boss aka my lady boss is rather flexible. I have told her in advance that if I cannot catch up, I will just drop out of some events. I already have ideas what are the things I want to cover. What sort of photos I want for the state bulletin. What kind of videos I want to make for the CM’s channel.

So, yeah, I will be running about town today with a whole lot of gadgets and things to capture the human spirit. George Town Festival is about human spirit. A lot of hardworking, dedicated, talented and generous folks are putting up the shows, events, concerts, exhibition and etc to make George Town Festival a memorable day.

Many did it free of charge and the rich ones donated generously to make it happen. So, the least I can do is to capture the wonderful human spirit that comes together because we love our island and are proud of it.

CM is going to take the trishaw, walk and walk through Georgetown because I believe he also feels that the least he can do is to be with the people and savour the hard work they put in, the talents they present and be part of the crowd.

So, are you coming to see the cultural shows, traditional scenes and enjoy the wonderful Penang foods? You can find the website here and Facebook here.

Gotta sleep cos long, long day ahead. Reminds self not to get sunburn because I have another TV recording this weekend. Woohoo! Final! RM30K at the horizon.

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