Time to hit the panic button again

1. I am supposed to cut my hair but never got around to it. Now, my hair looks like a big pile of cow dung on my head, especially when I sweat.

2. I am supposed to get my teeth done but I chickened out and didn’t bother. I hate the gap which was caused by one missing tooth which was extracted many many years ago but I was too chicken to get a bridge. It means making two other teeth to hold the one fake tooth.

3. I am supposed to plan what I am going to cook. But I cannot make up my mind. So, I won’t have time to have a rehearsal at home.

4. I am supposed to buy a new white blouse because I have worn all I have and I don’t want to wear loan ones cos the last time, it makes me look pregnant on TV.

5. It is already Friday and by Friday night, I have to pack. Should I bring some cookbooks along just in case I need to have some last minute panic references?

6. I have tonnes of videos to do but they are not important, hot news, lucky. I need time to make 10 hours of events into a few short videos. Big task.

7. I am supposed to get better descriptions in Bahasa Malaysia for certain terms but I never got the chance to browse through BM recipe books.

8.I am supposed to arrange for accommodation but didn’t make up my mind if I want to bunk in my bro’s house for a night which is more convenient or stay in a hotel which means my poor hubby and two kids have to move out by noon and my thing won’t finish until at night.

9.I am not supposed to be panic because I am the coolest mom around. So, don’t panic.

10. But it is RM30K, RM5K and RM5K at stake. I am supposed to think to win and not take it as child’s play. I don’t expect to come this far in the competition. Now that I have that final chance, I must focus on taking at least one prize. The others have their strong points and so I do.


2 thoughts on “Time to hit the panic button again

  1. Lilian!!… YOU WILL BE GREAT!…. BREATHE!!!!………… breathe in and breathe out… 🙂

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