My thoughts ran faster than I can blog

I have had a few bloggable topics but I have had too many bloggable topics, I couldn’t catch up. That’s why I haven’t been blogging because there are these huge, big load of things I want to say but they became so gigantic, I never find the time to say them.

What a perfect excuse for leaving this poor blog neglected for days, right?

Finally, I do not know where to begin. Do I start with saying it in the open that I am totally sick of the latest headlines? Or do I tell you how happy I am that through my own initiative, I have managed to convince a few editors of a few online media to use the videos I made?

Maybe I should brag a bit about that. A lot of people hate this part of me, the bragging part. But who cares…How many of them have guts and confidence like me to approach these movers and shakers of news to believe in what I give them. Of course, it is not my name attached there but nevertheless, the scissors is in my hand and at the end of the day, I still have the bear the brunt of it.

But it feels good when I somehow had contributed to tilt the scale to balance things out.

Like for example, the current headlines of one officer not performing and then, his top officer defending him and accuse the other party of being excessive. It is good he defends his officer because good bosses have to do so. However, better bosses must be seen to accept their subordinates shits and work to solve problems.

I wonder if he did he even pause to think of the amount of money that had been wasted in the tilting arch? Did he even think of his responsibility towards the nation, whereby every single state is also his responsibility, though we may be from different political divide.

I think my current job suits me well. I love the shits they flung all over. Though I may be engaged to one side, it doesn’t mean my mind is one-way track. I am not one of those who die-die feel I must believe only one side. That’s why I don’t get worked up. This way, I have the abilities to judge and make my own decisions.

To me, if you have faith in the ability of a person, you don’t have to bother much because you have trust they will know what to do. Unlike some who is so easily shaken, and get themselves foaming in the mouth when their leader gets criticism. They turn rabid, unable to talk coherently and always have that madman look on their faces like someone is going to stab them any time.

I see that a lot. Tensed up, silly people.

P/s: Hmmm..I like this sort of style. Writing incoherently so that people get all worked up reading in between the lines.

7 thoughts on “My thoughts ran faster than I can blog

  1. Blog at the Speed of Thought… I like that.

    Which why I buy these small pocket notebooks that I can jot down my thoughts as and when they come. My techy phone-palm computer doesn’t work as well… the problem is that I keep losing the notebooks and not my phone…

  2. “It is good he defends his officer because good bosses have to do so. However, better bosses must be seen to accept their subordinates shits and work to solve problems.”

    How very true…… it is sad that simple housewife like Lilian is able to have this positive and subjective thinking whereas people in high positions with so-called vast experiences and strings of qualifications don’t seem to be able to think that way.


  3. Errrr…. ‘simple housewife’????!!!! How very insulting! Point taken but the way it was put… maybe Lilian’s nicer than me.

  4. I have to correct Domino on “people in high positions with so-called vast experiences and strings of qualifications don’t seem to be able to think that way”.

    Many people in high positions are objective. It is politics that make some people bring out the garbage in them.

    Seems that everyone is quiet on the tilting arch of Penang. The tourism minister sort of became a hero (or heroine)when she announced that the arches will be demolish due to feedbacks from the rakyat that they do not be there. There has been no mention on who is responsible and accountable for the tilting. What made the arch tilt ? Design or short-cut (I mean short-change) ? Did someone decide to put in inferior materials and less stuff ?

  5. CPL – Only you are ignorant to the issue. I didn’t post the videos over here. You can catch the news on CM Lim Guan Eng’s statements on his youtube channel. Of course there is a lot of things behind it but sometimes, one cannot say it publicly. The Botanic Gardens has a new Chief Controller, the SDO Nik Ali hits all the news headlines, the Chief Secretary got involve and a lot more. Here are the news, videos I made but I didn’t like to involve my blog with too much politics.

    Sue – *grins* I was and will never describe myself as simple because I am not. Housewife? I am not sure about that. I have a day job now, so maybe that officially takes off the housewife term.

  6. Lilian, Aiyoyo. When I say the people in high positions I did not mean our CM-lah. I support him 110%. It is the other side that keeps using under the belt tactics. I know of one Class F contractor who says that these days baru boleh cari makan. He says he does not get contracts when BN was in power. For those who are not familiar, Class F contractors are bumiputras.

    Another obvious example of politiking was when the senior citizens in Penang were given RM 100. The big mouth so-called Welfare Minister says that this is equal to less than RM 10 a month that the state government values the senior citizens and this she says is shameful.

    In a typical organisation (especially private) if a senior officer cannot work with top management, it is about time he considers leaving the organization. This is my message to the SDO irrespective as to whether he is being victimised or not. I am sure as a federal officer he can always find another posting that will make him happier. Why get sakit hati due to work

  7. Sue – “simple housewife” is insulting? then you are insulting all the housewives out there. Think about it. *point to head*

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