Finally, it is my episode. By now, I am jaded to see myself appear on TV. In fact, I am so afraid of watching myself because it is very agonising to see, listen and I usually cringe and watch from between my fingers covering my eyes. More like watching a horror movie. I would stuff my ears with my thumbs while shielding my eyes with the other four fingers.

Crazy, huh? Eventhough I had filmied hundreds of videos, narrated many of them and sometimes even appear as stand-upper (it is that person who talked to the camera), I still have fears of watching myself on TV. The voice, the face, eerrkkkk….

By now, almost all the Komtar guards know I can cook. Even the MPPP drain cleaners saw me on TV3 and told me about it. I was so proud. Not sure why but when people who I least expect to watch me on TV, watch me, I feel happy.

The other day, I went to my son’s school and the school clerk recognised me. Then, the teachers also noticed it is me.

As a blogger, I am used to have people I do not know coming up to me and introduced themselves as my blog readers. But it is a totally new feeling to have people whom do know me telling me they notice me on TV.

Anyway, I am glad that I get to wear the black apron in this episode. All along, I had been wearing loose white blouses, either my own or the stylist’s. I hate seeing myself in whites, especially when it is flowy becaue I look pregnant! But if stylist says I look good, I better believe her.

So, tune in to TV3 on Monday at 6pm. But if you missed it, never mind, there is always Youtube.