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Otherwise, you will be earning Farmville coins

I was in the car with my boy. We have reached home and with the aircond running, I was taking my sweet time clearing out all the parking receipts and bridge toll chits.

“Wait for a while, mommy must bring these tiny chits up (to my house) to claim mileage. Month end, means mommy must take these receipts and claim some of them because when mommy works, mommy can get the money back.”

So, my boy, the ever smart one asked me, “You happy to work with Lim Guan Eng or not? Everyday you take video, take video, take video?”

I am so amused at how casual he put the question to me. Just like an old, wise man. I told him, “OK lor…if I don’t take video take video take video…I will be at home. You know? Just now, I went to take video of a river. You know? The whole lane got lots of cow dung, aiyor, so smelly! Uweekk….”

Then, I continue…”If I don’t go take video, when you go to school, mommy also at home do nothing and earn…….”

He said, “Yes lor, then, you will be earning Farmville coins instead of real money.”

Hahahahaha, how true.

So, yeah, better I go and take video take video take video than spending too much time plant pumpkins, rye, roses on Farmville.

Actually, I wanted to say, “If I don’t go out, I will be at home earning USD from my blogs” but since my boy sees me as making Farmville coins, then, so be it.

4 Responses to “Otherwise, you will be earning Farmville coins”

  1. Lilian Chan has a farm
    And in her farm she has some cows
    With a moo moo here & moo moo there..
    Lilian Chan has a farm
    And in her farm she has some pigs
    With a oink oink here & oink oink there..

  2. I can imagine how he casually talks like an old wise man. Haha.

  3. so young… so wise… hehehe

  4. Small kid, big wisdom!