Cuddly, fuzzy moments

My little boy hardly fall sick. And thank God when he does, he doesn’t fuss at all.

So, these few days, he spent a bit more time reading Enid Blyton short stories than usual. He has a few books lying around the bed. I asked him, “You know…mommy lurvvvessss to read Enid Blyton. Tell me which story is the best?”

He picked up a book and told me to read The Old Bicycle. I opened the book and flipped through pages. He said, “Nooo…you must go to the first page, look at the Index and find the correct page. The title is The Old Bicycle.”

He showed me how. *sigh* Nice to be taught how to read by a seven years old. “Nay….page 165. It’s at the back.”

After that, he left the room. And I get down to reading about The Old Bicycle. And my heart swells with pride. I have done well. My boy at 7 years old knows what is good moral, what is a good story and wise beyond his age.

Of all the pixies, fairies talking animals and toys that come alive stories, he recommended to me to read about a boy whose parents are too poor to buy him a bicycle.

The story goes like this. This boy wanted so much to own a bicycle. He is nine years old and have to walk for half an hour every morning to go to school. On his birthday, he told his parents he wanted a bicycle. His mother told him he can’t ride a two wheels bicycle yet.

So, the boy borrowed his friend’s bicycle and tried very hard until he succeeded. His birthday arrived but still, he didn’t get a bicycle. His father told him he really cannot afford it.

In the usual Enid Blyton’s style, the boy went to his room and tried to hold back tears due to disappointment.

There was this one morning, while he was going to school, he saw a boy who fell from his bicycle. The boy was injured and he asked this kid to help him.

Yeah, as you guessed, the boy is a doctor’s son, they wanted to buy the injured boy a new bicycle anyway and therefore, gave the old bicycle to this boy as a reward for helping. The happy ending stories from Enid Blyton’s collection.

So, moms and dads, if you haven’t start yet, get your kids to read all these morally right stories. I notice many parents are so blindly sucked into getting only workbooks for their kids. Or those older ones are so into all those demons and devils stories. Give them a foundation of good family values and they won’t stray off too far when they are grown up.

Kids only like to read when we do it. And it is always good to take an interest in what they read as well. I bought some Malay folk tales for my boy as well. Cerita Bawang Merah and Bawang Putih, Pungguk Rindukan Bulan and etc. We can make it interesting for them if we read along with them and make it real.

I kept teasing my boy he will become Bawang Merah the Onion if his papa gets a new girlfriend. Muahahaharr…now he will help me keep an eye to see there is not Bawang Putih the Garlic in the house.

Lilian signing off with her evil cackles….

BTW, my boy reads my FB status sometimes…

3 thoughts on “Cuddly, fuzzy moments

  1. But then hor, I used to like all d fairytales n magic stories by Enid Blyton wan wor…never like d moral moral one…no wonder I so no morals…whahahahh

  2. It was one crazy day when I decided to change back to the Obnoxious one but haven’t got very obnoxious yet. *sigh*

    I no moral so must use story books to use as guide mah…

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