The foods that I serve today

Lest people think I never cook at home….


Garlic and herbs bread. In case you do not know how to make garlic bread at home, here’s the recipe for garlic bread.


Lamb chops made of garlic, rosemary & thyme (they are the best combination), mustard and honey.


Potato soup made from scratch. Recipe for potato soup over here.


The water I used to boil the potatoes, I made macaroni soup cos my little boy hates the creamy type of soup.

Overall, the whole week has been quite an easy week for me. Even my boss said she rindu me already cos I never appear in her office. But weekend is here and weekend means lots of travelling and chasing after my boss’s boss. Well, this weekend is not too bad. No assignment that goes right until midnight. So, have a good weekend you all!