The man and his condoms

Bloggers like us, the outstanding ones, so to say…..usually go around our routine, mundane life with a radar to pick up interesting things to blog about.

It is Friday today. I have no foods left at home. The fridge has only one egg left.

I called some office and was told to call back at 2.45 pm because all the phone calls are channeled to the guards. So, I was like, ‘Hey, Lilian, you have breaktime too, you know? Break till 2.45 pm like them!’

You see, I told my kids that from now on, I am employed and so I can’t be going to the cinema or shopping with them anymore during office hours.

So, I went to the nearest grocery place, Cold Storage. I hate buying stuffs there because they are usually so much more expensive than elsewhere. But all I need is just some basic stuffs.

The potatoes, bread, onions and garlic and a bar of chocolate cost me RM57. Blardy hell, so expensive one.

At the cashier, as I slowly take out all my celery, canned tomatoes….

I saw a man quickly grabbed a box of condoms. The big box one, I think 12 or 24 pieces?

On a working day there are only 2 cashiers opened. One has a mat salleh with a lot of groceries. The other is me, dressed in my tattered t-shirt and comot track pants, sans make-up, uncombed hair….

So, after the cashier finished packing all my things, while I was waiting for my credit card to be swiped…

Hey, I don’t have much cash in my wallet, you know? So, I pay by credit card lah…

Ok, while I was waiting for the credit card to approve and print the chit…This man was still holding on to his basket. His basket containing the condoms. He refused to place the stuffs he is buying on the conveyor belt. He doesn’t want tattered shirt aunty to see his condoms or think what he is going to do with them.

Seconds ticked by…tick tock tick tock.. You know how slow those approving machine is lah…

He still hold on to his basket while the cashier is impatient already. She wants to get on with the next transaction…

He got no choice…took out a big bottle of dettol, five bars of dettol soap and that packet of condoms….

And this aunty is trying hard not to snigger because this blog post was already in her mind, blogging while waiting…

Finally, the machine print out is given to me to be signed. And condom, dettol and soap plonked where my chit is….

And that’s all for my boring Friday afternoon.

Moral of the story : There is never a good time, right place to buy stuffs like tampons, pads, condoms, KY jelly, feminine wash…because it is always weird to have people around whom you imagine is imagining what you are going to do with them, eh?

4 thoughts on “The man and his condoms

  1. roflol…waaaa i so like d guy’s combination!! He must be one damn clean guy..condoms not enuff, hve 2use Dettol wash and soap after the act ^___^

  2. ayaih, you oredi aunty…. you’ve seen it, done it…..
    why you lidat wan…. make young ppl shy…

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