People’s power prevails in Penang

Hmmm…so many Ps.

I guess it is time people get used to the change. When Penangites, especially those on the island voted out the previous government, what they wanted is a change. Now that the change is here, we just have to absorb it.

Over the last few days, there have been two protests. Then, let’s not forget all the protests that went on in town in the last one year or so. Some even went to the extend of burning LGE’s effigy. But now, it has gotten a notch higher, burn self.

These are all part and parcels of us, the Penangites, growing up. Once a upon a time, we don’t get to voice out like this. Now, the PR government preached ‘people-centric government’ and that’s what it is.

I was at the hairdresser today and hence, have my hands on the Chinese media. It was one of those anti-PR Chinese media. And the photos are all biased towards the opposition party.

There was this photo of the opposition party members in their uniforms, looking so glum, visiting the man. Well….I wonder how sincere these people are….I am just wondering…no one has to get defensive, you know?

You know what? All media are biased. Even if they preached they are not, their bosses either lean towards one or the other. Hey, even my videos are biased somewhat though I am still not biased like Utusan. For eg. do you know Utusan left out the race of the man? I didn’t know that until a while ago. I did see some people tweeting with the mistaken identity that the man belongs to another race.

We Penangites are sometimes very pathetic. When you see a dirty market, you tell that to the local authority. They have made it so easy to make a complaint now. Just log on and submit. You can take a picture and proof it. But do they do that? Noo….they have to tell the CM about it. They tell the CM about every single small problems like CM has a magic wand that can change rocks to gold bullion. Like the CM just need to press the button like a game of Farmville to solve problems.

Come on, the state is in our hands. We the Penangites. Not the political parties and the politicians. Koh Tsu Koon come and go. One day, Lim Guan Eng will do that too. So, we are still left behind. If we don’t do something for ourselves, you think they can leave a permanent perfect heaven for us?

Yesterday, I read Chua Soi Lek’s tweet that he wants MCA to start cyberwar. It is stupid lah. What we need is not cyberwar. We need to educate our fellow citizens to know their rights and to fight for it. Not more mudslinging, name calling and fighting.

But then, these politicians don’t care about the fruitful and right things one. Like for example, people will be behind cucuk poor folks to protest and etc, and then, when they get hurt or something, they will be there with their glum faces like they are saviours.

I like my job. Cos at least I don’t feel helpless when I see all these taking place as I have a part to play in setting things right? (or maybe even more crooked? who cares lah)

So, you got any conflicting news that confuse you? Ask me. Or are you blindly believing things you read and made assumptions that could be wrong?

4 thoughts on “People’s power prevails in Penang

  1. yes, I totally agree that we should not be bothering the CM with petty problems where we have the civil servants in the various government agencies who are paid to solve them. MPPP is very efficient these days when you send your complaints to Problem is that many people measure the efficiency of the elected governments with unsolved longkang, pasar problems.

  2. Lilian, tell CM, he should distribute information who local councillors are and who to complain to about longkang, rubbish, development projects, etc. Not just webpage but also put the person picture in market, bus-top, coffee shops..

  3. Good idea, Bigjoe. Let the whole state know who that they should contact to solve the longkang problems, etc. If everyone keeps bringing up these problems to the relevant people, then Penang will be a better place especially cleanliness.

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