You know you are darn femes when people ‘steal’ your voice!

Last nite, my citizen journalist friends told me someone used my narration and put it on their video.

That video was blardy racist and of poor quality. And the asshole really used my whole narration with my sexy voice. Stupid moron, if want to use, don’t la go put ‘I am citizen journalist chan lilian’ part in your video, si mangkuk ayun oi.

Anyway, I am not amuse because the fella is one sicko who has an axe to grind with 1Malaysia. I got Youtube to take off the video but I suppose donkeys like them will somehow replicate again.

Thank goodness, Youtube act fast because I already have a base and hence, they know I am real human. Thanks Youtube for being human and responsive.

So, to the monkey who stole my voice, may you choke on a piece of roti canai, which caused your eyes to pop out and shit flew out of your arse. The eyes landed on your shit and you are forever blind.

You know, in my weekly confession, I said something like ‘I confess….etc etc etc…I have sinned in my thoughts and in my words, in what I have done and in what I have failed to do.’

It is the ‘In what I have failed to do’ that I take seriously. A couple of years back, Father Fab talked about sin by omission and from that day on, I have that consciousness to do something rather than turning a deaf ear and blind eye to things.

That is why I know citizen journalism has been worth it eventhough it doesn’t pay much and we get morons who ride on our back, abuse our videos for the wrong purpose and use it for their evil intentions.

It can be very de-motivating if we allow all these unknown cowards to get on our nerves. For every one video they abused, I will make sure I make 10 more to make the world a better place.

Of course, at the moment when I am still learning the ropes, I don’t have much time to dwell on nice video production because things move very fast. But I will try to open my eyes wider and see how I can contribute to the world around me.

For e.g. though I now follow the assignments for ‘you know who’, I will try to take time to know the people of that event/place. The little kids, the makciks, the chatty ahpeks and etc. It is those little nuggets of wisdom from them that give me the morale booster to overcome boring speeches.

You know, it is pretty cute to chit chat with all the curious little kids tailing behind you when they see you around. Some of them will wonder, ‘what is this Chinese woman doing in our area?’. Or how amusing and humbling when I asked some makcik if she knows who is that Chinese man and she said, “Entah” and couldn’t be bothered.

So, I shall take comfort that somehow, the reach of my videos have even reached people with bad intentions. They are vile, toxic, full of hatred people who abused my video for their own vengeful needs. But never mind, I have faith in God that ‘I have done what I think is Thy Will’ and I shall let go and Let God takes the reign. Oh ya, I do curse though I am not suppose to, but is a huge relief and I don’t hold any hatred. Remember the choke on roti canai till eyes pop and bowel explodes.