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Yesterday, I bought myself a woman’s magazine. I am not sure why but I told myself, ‘Hey! It’s September, my birthday month, so let’s see what those crappy women’s mag have to say.” Talk about women’s mag, that cilaka Her World never pay me my fees of RM500 for an article I wrote for them. Magazine firms are like that one, damn busuk kaki one. The editors will ask you nicely to write. Then, they will pushed the payment part to their finance and finance are nothing but a bunch of useless clerks.

Plus hor, I tell you a secret, I actually made up the stories. Kakakaka, all fictitious characters, you know? I mean, how the hell would I know so many people who had sex with their ex, right? Now, I get even with them already. Women magazines can go rot in hell.

I am so thankful that now, at my age, women magazines no longer make me wants to run to the shop immediately to grab the latest shoes, bags, cosmetics or anything to boost the morale a bit. Believe me, age makes some women much more comfortable. Then again, some women shriveled into nothing but a bag of loose skin, saggy boobs, big vaginas (serious!), deflated self-esteem with age and those are the targeted group for women’s mag to sell their wares.

Do you notice Loh Guan Lye’s hospital advertising their ‘tighten vagina’ surgeries on banners hanging by the roadsides? The other day, CM mentioned in his speech at INTI college about Penang being the first in medical tourism (i.e. draw the most foreigners to come here for medical treatment).

I was sniggering…’yeah, all the TCB women come here for bigger boobs, smaller CBs and silicon valleys’. And I don’t mean the silicon valley like the electronic firms. I mean the silicon, botox injection, ok?

Seriously…I think I only need some faith and I will grow old graciously. And faith I have a lot.

Talking about faith, it was at an all time low recently because I can’t find the mountain-top feelings after spending a good hour in mass. I just can’t find my marbles. The homily bores me. Maybe life has been too easy.

Then, out of a sudden, someone phoned me yesterday. I think it is God’s gentle prodding to tell me that it is ok, woman. Cos the someone told me, I must be comfortable to not not-going to church. Otherwise, I will be sucked into the routine and not connected to Jesus like how I intended things to be.

I told him, religion is about doing things outside. Outside of the church circle. Of fishing in the deep seas, of not knowing exactly why we do something though we know deep in our hearts we are doing it for a purpose. Though we don’t really know the purpose.

Recently, all the stupid politicians are kicking up a fuss over their religion. It pissed me off that no one is actually in authority to say something. The only ones who are talking kok are the minister in some department and other politicians. He talked like he rules the universe. I tweeted, “Jesus has a new name, it is Jamil”.

These few days, and the coming days, I had been tagging along to buka puasa events. For me, it comes as second nature because I had lived and grown up in a Malay kampung. And everytime our Muslims brothers and sisters pray before buka puasa, I pray along with them.

Of course, I didn’t do the Catholic cross to tell them I am praying to my God. I just pause and offered up my prayers to the Almighty. I am in awe of my Muslim friends who fasted. There is a kind of peace and calm around the moment before they start their first sip of water and first bite of the dates.

Sometimes, I have to drive quite a distance to cover the event. Sometimes, I got lost on the way. Usually, I do not eat with them because I want to rush home to have dinner with my own families. I am not obliged to go, not to all of them.

But I went along because I know whatever images I can gathered will be of use. I do video the speech by CM. Not because I intend to make any video for publishing but I suppose it is safer for me to record the audio down. Who knows, people may twist his words again and cause hoo-haa unnecessary?

Yesterday, I went to a mosque and there is this huge, big banner of UMNO and BN plus an UMNO building nearby. I got down from my car and started hunting for the banner that says CM is coming. I can’t find any and was scared if I had gone to the wrong place.

I asked around and people told me I had gone to the right one. But there is no women folks around (cos they were in some prayers inside). So, there I was, the single, lone Chinese woman standing outside the mosque compound. Phew…nerve wracking a bit. *makes mental note not to arrive too early* You know these UMNO folks lah, they make a big fuss over silly things.

Anyway…as I took the photos, my heart was wondering…’hmm…if I post these photos up, I wonder if the UMNO fellas are going to foam in the mouth if they see some of their supporters sitting there makan with CM?’ Can’t help it. That sort of motivates me to keep going. There must be a purpose for these. I leave it to God.

And that’s my blog. Can you see how I can shoot from one topic to another, both of different extremes and yet, make it into one post?

6 thoughts on “Blog blog blog, don’t stop blogging!

  1. Isnt going to weekly church a must? Otherwise gives the impression that one is not devoted to the religion. No? Might be okay for your internal ‘heart’ but society is made up of those around us and peer pressure. No wonder you always get asked….long time no see…what’s up?

  2. Well, the world is full of kepohchees like you who will be only too pleased and jump in glee in finding people whom you can take note and feel righteous about. I didn’t live to please society, so who cares.

  3. JK – Tenkiu…time doesn’t permit or sometimes, I am so tired from all the concentration, I lost my interest in writing nonsense.

  4. I hear you Lilian. I wrote for Her World and until now they are still owing me money after a year and a half. Horrible payers indeed! Hmmph!

    On another note, Happy Birthday to us September babies. Yeah, we’ve got two things in common already.

    God bless you and keep ranting 🙂

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