And you wonder how I manage

A few weeks back, someone asked me how I manage.

Just two days ago, another one asked me how I manage.

The first person who asked me asked it randomly. I told him, ‘No worries, as long as I have news about you online, I am managing.’ That sort of question from him sort of affirm that he too wonders. He asked me how I juggle four kids and the work I am doing.

Anyway, I see that as a good excuse to disappear sometimes. I told him I usually have a lot of time in the morning when my boy goes to school. And after I had fetched him home, if there is no urgent news, I usually leave things till at night to finish them.

Sometimes, when there are urgent things I want to rush out, my little boy understands and will not bug me. He is a nice, smart little boy who understands when I really need to concentrate and when I can pause and play, read and talk silly things with him.

As for the other person who asked me, he is a priest. So, I told him I myself also wonder how I manage. Hmmm…it must be God’s grace.

Like for example, these three days are rather busy. On Friday, which is a holiday in Penang, I managed to enjoy shopping. Haven’t been walking aimlessly at shopping mall for a few months now.

Actually, working is good for me. I spend less because I have less time to spend at shopping malls.

Oh ya, before I forget, I met my ex-boss’s daughter. I feel melancholy about it. She and her sisters were young when I worked for their daddy. Sometimes, I shed tears when their busy mom and dad were away and they fell ill and I had to see to their hospitalisation. I used to write their ponteng school letter…Had to remind their grandma what sort of foods to cook for them etc etc.

She is married now. I am old already. She asked for my phone number. I managed to fish out a card. I told her, “Please send my regards to your daddy and tell him I am finally working, after 12 years.” I worked for him for 12 years, stopped for 12 years.

Today, Saturday, we have a catechism class teachers meeting to plan for the children’s camp. I wanted to go but unfortunately, some important event in Balik Pulau needs to be covered. So, I have to skip. Kind of guilty but at least I had explained to my class why I seem to be ponteng class all the time. The children told me, “Don’t worry aunty, go and do more videos.” Sigh…such lovely, understanding kids, eh?

Sunday, I am planning to go to St. Anne’s church early in the morning for their 8am morning mass, have breakfast, find my way to my assignment location. Then, drive from BM to Jawi. Which I have no idea of the direction but I know if I put my mind to celebrate mass with Jesus’s grandma, God will not let me get lost.

Still, I wonder how I manage? I can travel to all sort of locations that I have never been before. Find the energy to be the jurugambar. Talking about that, today, one nice Malay lady said, “Oh…kamu jurugambar ya? Dari paper mana?”

Have a good weekend to all. While I find my way around….