A moment with God

Ok, I am going to be extra churchie on a Sunday.

I will be soooo churchie, I am going to drive 1 hour to a destination which I have never driven before. At least not on my own cos everytime, my hubby drove me.

I am going to St. Anne church in Bukit Mertajam to celebrate mass there at 8 am. That means, I better wake at 6.30 am because I always am so fickle with what to wear. Actually, I have a lot of clothes but I never iron so I am always short of things to wear.

You know? I wish I am superman. I want to wear nice-nice to St. Anne. I look forward to listen to Father Stephen’s homily because I like his style. Hard hitting, factual, about the world we live in and not some St. Paul stories.

But after St. Anne, I am supposed to go up some hill because the Penang state is gazetting it to some public park or something. Bah, I am not exactly sure but it is something like that lah. It’s a good story angle, nice photos and I sense my ‘boss’s boss’ will want to talk/tweet about it.

Since I am already going to be in Bukit Mertajam and there is another event nearby in Jawi, I told myself to go for a Sunday morning drive.

Now, I do not know all these three places I am going. But I have faith I will find it somehow. Hey, I am going to St. Anne, Jesus’s grandma church, how can Jesus leaves me getting lost, right?

That’s faith, folks. The trust in God for everything.

I want to have faith like the centurion who told Jesus He doesn’t need to visit his house, “Only say the Word and I shall be healed”.

I want to have faith like the woman whom had bled for a long time and yet believed she can be healed if she can just touch Jesus’s cloak.

I want to have faith like the Samaria woman at the well who believed Jesus is the Living Water.

There are so many instances of people with faith in the Bible. And they aren’t the praying routinely ones. They are the ones who simply believed there is God.

So, if I can make it to St. Anne, to some hill, to Jawi, and then back to Penang, I know God is with me. I may not be the most knowledgeable in Bible. But I want to believe that I trust God in most things I do.

It is going to be a busy Sunday. Hopes yours is a meaningful one.

Remember – A moment with God is worth a thousand hours running around not knowing our purpose.

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  1. If you like hard-hitting, reality-check homilies, Fr Michael Chua of Seremban’s Visitation Church is an eloquent and excellent orator. He is currently on sabbatical and often says mass at PJ/KL churches.

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