I used to love September

September is what I called MY birthday month. So, it is a big deal to me because it is mine to enjoy.

But now, it doesn’t carry the same meaning anymore. Not because I had already celebrated too many birthdays, like 46 so far….but rather…oh well…

Birthdays are very important days not because we get free gifts, cakes to pig out on or the relief of not having to do housework *roll eyes*. It is important because it is like that little flag pole of a race where you can pause and think. And think we must or else, one day you will end up one bitter person who realised you had done nothing meaningful with the years given to you. And you can’t turn back the clock but only look forward to the sunset years.

Ish, why am I so emo this morning? Oh it is because it is raining. And this song which I embedded.

Well, I suppose 8 years is a long time. So, I have stopped ‘celebrating’ his birthday. My fourth son’s premature birth made him a September boy. He should have been born on December 8, 2001. December 12 is my nephew’s birthday so I remember telling my sis I will probably have a son who may be born on Dec 12 too.

That’s why come September, the ‘MY birthday month’ glamour is gone forever. It is the ‘why did I give birth so early’ and every year on his birthday on 24th, it is the same routine ‘why’ day.

After maybe 3-4 years, I have stopped the cakes and balloon ritual. Initially, in the first few years, I ‘celebrated’ his birthday (minus him of course because he died at 7 months, so he never even celebrate even his first birthday). It is not morbid, it is a good way to cope with losses and grief. One gets over it after a few years.

My blog is 7 years old and I think I have at least 6 posts of September 24th super-emo jottings. It is a nice respite, I get to travel back in time, have a good cry over it and move on.

Anyway…I am going to submit my annual leave form later on. I am going far-far away from home on my birthday. You know what? I do not know where we are going yet. But my eldest son who is working/training has a few days off so we must get out of Penang. So, I will be probably be celebrating my birthday on 7th (remember the date, ok?) in the car with all my kids and hubby doing our regular family-bonding thing. Driving up north, into Thailand, to places we have never been before.

Woohoo! One week without Catville. Kekekeke, enough of Farmville too.

Oh I found another September song. The original is by Neil Diamond but that’s kind old. So, here’s the Andrea Bocelli’s version :

See? September is very special cos there are so many songs written about it.

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