Things I don’t get to report

Just want to jot down my thoughts and feelings at a place I visited. These are things which I cannot put into a video or people will think I am doing it to glorify the leader. Anyway, the short clip, minus too much emo stuffs is here :

What I am writing are merely for my own reflections.

Well, I was very happy when I learnt that CM is going back to visit this family. Earlier, someone asked for the family’s address and bank account. I had asked CM’s Air Putih’s assistant, Mr. Hong to get it for me. I gave it to the person and reminded her that this is strictly between her and the family and has nothing to do with DAP or the state.

I don’t want people to accuse me of making emo video (of an earlier visit) to solicit for donations for any group.

So, before the return visit, I decided I want to bring a small buah tangan for the family, especially the kids. I dropped by a fruit stall after my lunch with my boy and told him I want to buy something for the children there. He helped me to select grapes and bananas. Because the old couple are toothless, hence they can only eat that.

I got there early and I am so happy the mak cik said she remembered me from the last visit. Her house has been repaired and the living room is much cleaner now because the pak cik has gone into the room to sleep. Earlier, his bed was in the living room.

I gave her a hug and sat down, sembang like old friends. She is such a nice, friendly, welcoming person.

As as matter of duty, I have to ask her for her feelings about the house repairs, is she happy, is it more comfortable and just to test, does she know who helped?

I also asked the pak cik the same question and just curious, I asked him if he knows who is coming to his home.

Both of them, do not know, do not care and I think that’s the beauty of it. To them, LGE is just a nice, taukey Cina (their exact words) yang mai tolong kami buat rumah. The mention of Ketua Menteri doesn’t ring a bell to them.

It is this sort of humbling situation that makes working more digestible. I had gone to umpteen events where people carried balls, place the best sofa, red carpet, coldest fan, blocked us to give space to the VIPs and etc that made me roll eyes.

LGE arrived from the airport, got into the house and got to do what he has to do. There are lots of press around so you know lah…

But, at the end of the day, I am glad they have a more comfortable living space. The roof doesn’t leak. The kitchen is not falling apart, things are more organised and basically, it is a good deed done.

However, sadly, the grandchildren do not get new clothes. Well, we cannot help all the time so I hope somehow, they made it through Raya.

Mak Cik asked me to visit her during Raya. I won’t be around but if I am, I will probably pay her a visit. I know her kitchen will still be empty, no foods in the larder nor any ketupat dan rendang.

Her home is in Air Itam, after the Indian mosque, there is an arch, turn in, turn left, there is a Hui Yin Seah, go to the back, all the way…you can see a broken sofa, that’s the place.

They do get welfare help from the urusan zakat, kebajikan and etc.

The poor is always around us. So, I have to tell myself not to feel too bad about it. They will somehow live their own lives, despite of the hard living condition. There are many poor people around, it is a ‘help one at a time’ thing.

However..I do have Mak Cik Noliah’s Bank Simpanan Nasional number…that is if you already know me and know that whatever you intend to do, it is strictly between you and the family.

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  1. every little bits count n it wld b great if d little ones get 2hve a nice Hari Raya. email me d details lilian, u know my email 🙂

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