Celcom affordable mobile broadband – Can you live without it?

The internet is almost like a lifeline to me. I make money online and need reliable connection. I produce videos and need unlimited broadband to upload them. Being the blogger and drama queen, I have to update my fans with photos I take throughout the day.

Who can live without social networks like Twitter and Facebook? Currently, I am subscribing to Celcom Unlimited Broadband and love its reliability.

My two sons are looking for the same kind of convenience and connectivity like mine. However, they do not use the internet as much as I am. So, we were looking around for something affordable and yet, provide enough speed for them for their social networking stuffs.

They are like unable to live without internet access. Just like the mother. My Facebook friends know that we, i.e. my sons and I, sometimes communicate through Facebook because it is much more fun to have thousands of pairs of eyes reading all the little notes. It doesn’t cost a thing, compared to sms.

We notice that Celcom is providing a rather decent price package for those who seek reliable connectivity. For a merely RM48, you are never without the internet again. If you grab their early bird package, you can save another RM10, making it RM38 for the first 3 months.

If you are looking for a bundle, i.e. a netbook plus a modem, Celcom is also offering some attractive package. There are so many choices, I guess it is easier to visit Celcom and get their customer service to help you decide. Just visit any Celcom branch, blue cube outlet or participating dealer nationwide to subscribe today!

I have subscribed to Celcom broadband for two years or maybe more. So far, I must say that the coverage has been good. I could even log on to my Facebook when I am on the highway or other remote kampongs.

There are several other things to note about Celcom. They are the largest mobile broadband community and known for their dedicated customer service which has won the Best in Asia Pacific award. The company is also Frost & Sullivan Mobile Broadband Service provider of the year for 2 consecutive years.

One other thing that may interest those who are good with the ringgit and sen is the RM500 tax relief with Celcom Broadband. That will certainly make my hubby interested.

I know I am sounding like Celcom’s salesman but hey, if you are happy with a service, you share. Celcom site has all the information you require to help you choose a plan that best suit you.