Write, delete, write, delete

There is this phase where we bloggers tend to practise self-censorship.

Then, there is the spur of the moment rant which I can do on Twitter and Facebook and do not need a blog to deal with that part. Actually, to those who just discover the world wide web and get excited over blogs, well, sorry to say that you are several years late.

Blogs aint’ hot anymore. They are yesterday. No one looks up to a blogger anymore. Blogs don’t make you rich.

But of course, old blogs like ours still earn some money because we are packed with keywords and Google have indexed our pages.

In the previous general election, blogs have helped a lot. In the coming general election, blogs are irrelevant. Twitter has taken over. Facebook will accommodate the more detailed stuffs while Twitter will give the up to the minute updates.

So, what has my title gotta do with all these paras I wrote above?

Nothing. It shows how fickle I am. This is my fifth title, because I had deleted off some earlier things that I had wanted to say.

So what was I trying to say? Here are some of the points:

1. I wanted to say Koh Tsu Koon is just so disappointing. For so many months, he didn’t say a thing and when Nazri said something, he parroted to ‘come to the defence of Nazri’. Like doh…you think Nazri the big mouth, big nose de-facto law minister (whatever that is) needs a Mr. Nice Guy KTK to defend him meh? If KTK cannot even stand up when people tore his photo and stepped on it, how do you think he can takes on Perkasa, Utusan, UMNO and all the rabid people?

2. I also wanted to say politicians are just foolish, overgrown boys. I tweeted that when it came up in my thoughts. And it was on display a while a go. One DAP politician taunted MCA and others about their crying episode. (you shud watch Wee Ka Siong sobbed when he and char bee hoon had a PC with OTK) Then, another pro-MCA (or maybe just anti-DAP) twitterer retorted that none can cry like LGE who hugged people and cry. So, I butt in (because I can, that’s why) and told the anti-DAP fella that he is taking cheap shots. I pointed out that it is not the same to compare crying with the people and crying drama queens and kings like Tun M, Rafidah Aziz (remember her hugging and sobbing) or Wee. I gave him videos to compare. Actually, only with Twitter can you ambush and hijack a person’s thoughts. You can’t do that with blog. It is not quite the same.

Frankly, I don’t see why people still want to read blogs. They are just so boring nowadays. I have never surfed blogs like a year and more. I don’t know if those few bloggers are still stuck in their same old routine of showing what they eat, what they just bought, show their slutty looks, show their fat looks etc etc etc.

Maybe someday I will just put a tombstone on this site and says my blog has gone to eternal rest. But then, not yet. I still have a lot to rant and Twitter or Facebook cannot accommodate that. So, don’t worry, my dear readers and faithful followers, I will still blog. Only just for you.

One thought on “Write, delete, write, delete

  1. Hold that thought:

    “Actually, only with Twitter can you ambush and hijack a person’s thoughts. You can’t do that with blog. It is not quite the same.”

    kan sekarang dengan social sites even with youtube, you can like dislike and reply on a per comment basis… not only on status…

    BTW have the counters on hits seen a drop across the board do you think ?

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