True indeed

Actually….I tried not to talk or think or do anything about it. Maybe if I just pretend I have forgotten, then, it will probably be forgotten.

But, it seems not quite right to not mention at all. So, in this Facebook age, I save myself an sms and left a birthday wish for someone. He replied :

Thanks for the b’day wishes. Daunting to be reminded yearly that we r approching “middle age”. How fast 9 years have passed and and have you realised how much Vincent’s short presence in this world have changed and transformed his family, especially his mummy?

He shares the same birthday as my Vincent. He is the same age as me. He probably knows me more than anyone else during that seven months. From the day Adventist hospital ‘hired’ him to go to Adventist to take a look at my son who didn’t responded to their treatment to the day my son died, funeral and until today.

So, what he wrote sort of triggered off the realisation. How true his words. It is ironic that I somehow ended up in the same church. And embracing Christianity will not have happened if not for Vincent. And I wouldn’t even take a second look at the faith if not for his and another nurse’s Christian faith shown to my son.

In the ICU, I met many unkind people. But I met some very good souls. And these are the ones who caught my attention to have a look at what Christianity is all about.

So, yeah, it is kind of nice to be connected somehow with someone who knows my Vincent. Many people probably don’t even know about Vincent. Lots of them may have met him but they remember nothing but that baby with the oxygen machine.

And I suppose we will be somehow connected. Unless one of our families decided to migrate elsewhere. His children and my children are of the same age. My son and his daughter are in the same catechism class. My little boy and his little boy are the same age.

If we Catholics remain in the same church, we probably will see the son and daughter going through their confirmation, then, see the younger ones with their first Holy Communion and then, who knows, their confirmation. Wow…that’s like a long story ahead.

By then, we are probably going to be 60 years old. And even at 60 years old, I will have the comfort that someone still remembers my Vincent. And on every 24th September, I actually can wish Happy Birthday, Doc. Though it is more an inner desire to say ‘Happy Birthday, Vincent’. You are nine today. And mommy will still remember you till I am 60 and beyond.

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