Gaji time again

It’s month’s end and it’s gaji time again. Actually, my salary goes into my Maybank very early in the month. I heard we contract employees get our salary around 25th of the month.

But I don’t take money from it. It’s kind of nice to see the money going up. I received my Ideal prize money – masuk Maybank. I received my three months worth of OT and mileage – masuk Maybank. My monthly salaries – masuk Maybank. The duit raya from the state government – masuk Maybank.

But I am such a shrewd woman, I never withdraw money from it unless I am caught without cash in my wallet then I will teet teet teet RM200 the max.

All masuk, hardly keluar.

Then, there is the Google Adsense, can only withdraw from CIMB Western Union, that one hubby withdraws caused Google had banned my name *grins*. That one is sort of like our duit dapur, a stash of cash for our sons to take as they like.

And then, there is the Paypal withdrawl which goes to Al Rajhi bank.

Do I have other source of income? OH yes, my apartment rental masuk my bank.

So, I do thank and praise God for the wonderful blessings I have. The abundant blessings that have enabled me to feel secure.

You know…there was this one part of my life when the kids were very young. And I wasn’t making any money. The thought of my husband running off with another woman (not that he can do it alive muahahahar) or the thought of him (choy choy choy)….are very scary.

Hmmm…come to think of it, I actually wasn’t without any income for that many years. I left my job in 1998. I started making some money around 2002 when I contributed some articles to magazines and The Star. It was just like RM200 here, RM500 there but that was the like a breath of fresh air.

And then, the blogging era around 2006 when the cash rolled in. It peaked and then, now, it is more or less passive income with some advertorials here and there.

The other day, Father Bernard our new parish priest talked about ‘who brought you up there?’ He told us about a turtle which is on the fence post. He said someone must have lifted it up there. Just like us, who lifted us up there? I sat there last Sunday morning (after being ‘absent’ from my church for like 4 weeks) absorbing in…pondering…who? who? who? The answer is me, me, me. My tenacity, hardwork, determination, creativity, God given skill and of course, I know this wouldn’t have been possible if I have not found Jesus.

The thing about being Christian is ‘Give us today our daily bread’ and you know what? You will never go hungry. I never expect all these, but I get it. Because God knows I need those moolahs to bring up the sons He has blessed me with. Having faith that if I trust in Him, I will never get into deep troubles.

Then, Father Bernard also reminded us that we must also try to lift others up. He suggested the random act of kindness. I proudly knows that I have lifted many people up. I shared generously what they can do to make some money. I remember those times when I was one of the world top 10 earners in PayPerPost.

And that, I know is also God’s gift of generosity. He blessed me abundantly, I share what I can.

Remember, it is always someone who lifted us up there. Thank you, Jesus.

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