It’s scary how weeks after weeks just roll by

School holidays is here. Actually my two younger sons have stopped going to school after they returned their school textbooks. No point sending them to give headaches to the teachers while they have to suffer in the hot, noisy classrooms doing nothing. So, I am actually doing the teachers a favour by keeping them away, no?

It is just like yesterday when I was all excited about my little boy entering public school. It is a huge cultural shock for our much pampered kids because public schools toilets are dirty, teachers are all very fierce and the class environment is terrible. Then, there are the kids from all walks of life there. Some are ok, some have some disorders and are known to come to you and give you a smack and then walk off.

But it’s over. My kid has blended well into public school, though with some mishaps here and there. Now it is 6 weeks of no rules, no routine, no clock, no work.

The shopping malls are now decked for Christmas. When I was in Hongkong, the malls there already have Christmas written all over the place. I feel guilty that I had missed choir practice for almost a month already, due to either holidays or working hours. Christmas is one of those much looked forward to time of the year because everywhere is so magical when the Christmas hymns and Christmas carols are played.

November is also my wedding anniversary month. And I have been married for how long? Dang! So long, I cannot even remember. I think it is 22 years, i.e. 1988 to 2010. That is almost half my life. Scary right? How you live on earth for that long and half of it as the better half. But the thing is, you don’t totally, 100% immerse yourself into the ‘better half’ role or you will end up only half of your real self. Hmm…I wonder if I am making sense but damn, I am not made to play ‘better half’ role. It is more like having a lived in partner half of your life. With certain boundaries thrown in.

Hmmm..then, November is also my 3rd son’s birthday.

And at this time of the year, people are looking forward to getting pay increase and bonus. For the last 12 years, those are foreign to me. This year, at least we know we are getting RM800. *gives smug smirk to Fed. Gov. civil servants who get RM500 only*

Overall, I think 2010 has been pretty much interesting for me. But that’s for another post. Meanwhile, I am glad it is going to be month’s end again. I am getting my salary again (we usually gets it around 22nd of the month, nice rite, so early). School holidays mean I don’t need to worry about dropping son, fetching him.

And if I have some annual leave allocations for this year left, I can go somewhere for holidays again…

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