Fly me to Hongkong but I miss Penang foods in 2 days

So, you know that I went to Hongkong a couple of weeks ago, right? No? Yeah, I didn’t mention that because it was a whirlwind arrangements and I left before I even managed to blog about how awesome it is to get a free trip.

Mickey Mouse pancake and waffle

When I got there, I have little access to free wifi so I didn’t post much pictures from there. Otherwise, I would fill this blog with so much stories.


Anyway, before I tell you what I did in Hongkong and what fantastic time my family and I had in Hongkong Disneyland, let me tell you what this Penangite felt about missing Penang foods.

Buffet at Hongkong Hollywood Hotel

We got very nice hotels with meals included. Not just any meals but expensive lunches, breakfasts and dinners. Lots and lots of good foods to enjoy.

Everything has Mickey on it

However, by the third day, inspite of all the crabs, prawns, roast beef, grilled lamb and other dessert, I headed for the noodle stall. Ordered one ‘kalei mai fun’. (curry beehoon)

And surprisingly, the Hongkong curry noodle is good. With crispy salmon skin thrown in.

Part of our lunch at Crystal Lotus Chinese restaurant in Honkong Disneyland Hotel

I didn’t only had that for my dinner, I had it for breakfast too. Breakfast was an elaborate affair at Hongkong Disneyland Hotel. Platter of cheese, smoked salmons, Hongkong dimsum, all sorts of freshly baked bread and more. But I still must order my curry noodle.

Hongkong curry noodle with crispy salmon skin

In conclusion, even when I am in another country with much more famous foods, I still love my Penang foods. I think I can never survive in another country for long if I don’t get my curries.

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  1. But when nothing that is pedas, not spicy also boh pien liao. Like the wantan noodles, the lah mien, chee cheong fun but 2 days only thinking of gulai, hokkien mee, curry mee

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