With power comes arrogance – just a little recollections

The other night, I was browsing through all my old video clips in an attempt to find enough clips to make a video for the PR convention.

And something struck me.

Back in March 2009, when I was on my first CJ assignment, I recalled how impressed I was with the Pakatan Rakyat leaders. The celebration of the first anniversary was held in Padang Kota Lama and I remember how I felt then.

The PR leaders were all seated in the plastic chairs, those filmsy ones. I was telling myself how different it was from the previous Barisan Nasional one. Back then, we common rakyat couldn’t even get near because there were RELA and the yellow lines to stop us from going near Koh Tsu Koon and the VIPs. Anyway, back then, I never attended any of those stupid functions unless there are some lion dances I wanted to show my little kids.

But recently, I notice this culture has returned. Well, it is not surprising because the same people who used to deal with all these protocol matters are still working with either the state or the state agencies or event management companies.

I hate seeing all those VVIPs, VIPs and commoner tables wrapped in different coloured clothes and ribbons. I hate the ideas that when these events are held, they may invited some blind, lame, deaf, old, handicapped, orphans and etc to the event. Yet, when they serve, they serve the best foods to the VVIPs who probably couldn’t care about the foods because they could afford better ones. And they serve the watered down version to these group of people.

Sure, we have to accord a certain respect to our state leaders. But many agencies and especially those corporate companies trying darn hard to please the state leaders for their own selfish gains, will definitely, always, 100% overdid it.

It is a sickening thing, you know? For people to treat others with double and triple standards. Like for example, the other day I was at this place and I noticed the chicken served to us press members and other folks are either bones or tough lean meats. I was wondering why all the chicken are handicapped. No legs one?

Then, later on, when I went into a different dining area, I noticed all the chicken drumsticks were served to the ‘high class’ group. I was like, wtf, people actually picked out all the thighs for the big shots and treat the rest of us with the leftovers.

As a Christian, we are always reminded to go for the least. Jesus said if anyone of us can feed the least, we have fed God. And if we have compassion for the most wretched, we have a forgiving heart as big as God. But do we?

Nay…many folks will get comfortable with their surroundings and forgot where they came from.

I suppose I will continue to see those golden ribbons, beautiful satin chairs and the plastic chairs. Gone is the myth of everyone sitting on plastic chairs.

Rebellious me is highly allergic to such blatant display of power and authority. It is sickening to me. And sometimes, I would intentionally leave out an event because of their stupid display of riches. I hope I stay with that rebellious streak where I would stubbornly refuse to cover an assignment that I deemed a shiok sendiri one. Those people who carried balls and tried too hard to please the VVIPs won’t ever get any respect from me and I won’t waste my time featuring them.

Hmmm…in most circumstances, people with attitude like mine sure kena goreng sotong. But who cares, I prefer to stick with the inner voice of staying rooted and be part of the regular Joes and Janes, who has an opinion and a voice.

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