wOOt, one day three Chief Ministers

I shall write about the little encounter I had with Tun Lim someday. How he would gaze deep into your eyes when he is talking to you and made me very nervous because it is like the headmaster lecturing you and you cannot do anything but pay full attention, act like very interested and smart and quickly process something in the brain to say the next sentence which you hope will sound intelligent.

I am lucky. The first time I get to meet Tun Lim was when I was 16 years old. We had some student exchange program and we went to his Seri Teratai or whatever the termite infested home name is. We were feted to a lunch, the students from all the states in Malaysia and Indonesia. But then, I don’t even remember if I shook hand with the Chief Minister.

You know..when you are sixteen, you don’t really care who he is, what he does and how he looks like. Serious. Most children (much younger ones lah) do not know who Lim Guan Eng is. When I go for functions, I sometimes chit chat and asked them, “You tau dia tu siapa?” They will said, “Taukey Cina, orang kaya, tak tau or something.”

Anyway…I didn’t actually ‘see’ Tun Lim today because only relatives and close friends are allowed into the house. But then, being near enough is also considered an honour. Maybe those who are younger don’t really feel what changes he did. But I do because I saw how Bayan Lepas developed from cows, goats, chickens, paddy fields to Intel, NS, AMD, HP, Motorola and more. Back then, before the factories, my eldest brother had to go to Ipoh to work. My sisters had no work. But when the factories open, my sisters both managed to marry engineers hehehehe…..So, yeah, Tun Lim is like a huge, clever and visionary man to me.

And then, I got to see Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon. Had never really see him in real person. And ermmm…I didn’t actually see him because I feel there is little point in me taking any photos of him since I don’t think it is part of my job. So, I just hang around, sit around and pretend he doesn’t exist and I also make sure I didn’t accidentally stepped on his toes or bumped into him. I don’t want him to ask me who I am. You know..I cannot say, “Tan Sri ah, if you Google your name, then, you mah know who I am lor……”

But then, I am not some reporters from big media company, so he also no free to ‘hiu’ me lah. Or else he sure greet those reporters one….So, yeah, that was second CM I see.

And then, of course, there is the CM that I hari-hari see until wanna puke liao. Gah, my Youtube is still 55 minutes more to finish uploading. CM Lim as usual, is very efficient and in touch with situation. He got to the place, did what he should be doing, give a PC and then, left for Dewan Sri. Before he left, he had a chat with the family members and then, reporter asked me, “Did CM Lim wiped his tears?” Another one told me, “Yah…he looked like he was wiping his tears cos at one point, his face turned overwhelmed.” If you ask me, I think he wiped sweats lah. But then, hard to say also. Later when my video is up, you all go check lah, was it tears or was it sweats or just garu-garu the hidung. I don’t know. I am sleepy but the Youtube is taking forever….

That was my day, 25 Nov 2010. My 22nd wedding annivesary but due to work, I ended up eating char bee hoon at funeral wake instead. Never mind, I will have plenty of wedding anniversaries to celebrate. But we only have one Tun Lim so I shall gladly do what I need to do.