Tun Dato Seri Utama Dr Lim Chong Eu funeral

Two senior gentlemen talked to me just now. I know their faces but I cannot recall their names. They said to me, “You must have been very busy, I have seen you around all day long.”

I told them, it is an honour that I can be part of this. Capturing the moment and sharing it with those who aren’t able to be there.

Indeed it is very tiring as I started from 9 am without breakfast. Then, I ran to have a quick lunch and went to Dewan Sri. After that, I returned home for a short while and got info that boss is there again, so I grabbed my bag and rushed out again, this time without dinner.

But then, it is indeed an honour. The rare opportunity to see and share what I think others should see. I had summarised the whole day event into 4 minutes.

It is going to be an even longer day on Saturday. So many VIPs, so many scenes. So many gadgets and heavy stuffs to cart around. Expensive stuffs I cannot just leave around due to the crowd so I lug around with tripod, video camera, DSLR and now, even laptop and cables because I need to upload as I go along.

But all I have to remember is not many people has the privilege like me to be there. I am the only one. The video person who takes photos and can relate with the situation and the channel to air it. Not that I am boasting but I really am one of a kind. I did it because I feel it in my heart.

4 thoughts on “Tun Dato Seri Utama Dr Lim Chong Eu funeral

  1. Hi Lilian,

    Has been a while since I leave comment on your site.
    Wow jadi video-photo-blog-journalist Dah you .

    I still keep in touch with Dr Ros of UM.

  2. I have been waiting at the TV for the live telecast. Unfortunately I don’t get to see anything except at 11am, RTM1 just showed a 5mins progress at Dewan Sri Pinang.

    Tun Lim has long vision and mission, otherwise, many of us will not get a chance to work in these MNCs in FTZ. And in those days he could have such vision and dream to connect the island and mainland by building the bridge.

    He built the legend.
    NKOTB recently posted..Ah Choong Restaurant 亞仲海鮮飯店

  3. good job.

    when was the last time Penang saw a ceremonial funeral like this?
    when the PM arrived, I lost count of the no. of bodyguards around him.

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