Two senior gentlemen talked to me just now. I know their faces but I cannot recall their names. They said to me, “You must have been very busy, I have seen you around all day long.”

I told them, it is an honour that I can be part of this. Capturing the moment and sharing it with those who aren’t able to be there.

Indeed it is very tiring as I started from 9 am without breakfast. Then, I ran to have a quick lunch and went to Dewan Sri. After that, I returned home for a short while and got info that boss is there again, so I grabbed my bag and rushed out again, this time without dinner.

But then, it is indeed an honour. The rare opportunity to see and share what I think others should see. I had summarised the whole day event into 4 minutes.

It is going to be an even longer day on Saturday. So many VIPs, so many scenes. So many gadgets and heavy stuffs to cart around. Expensive stuffs I cannot just leave around due to the crowd so I lug around with tripod, video camera, DSLR and now, even laptop and cables because I need to upload as I go along.

But all I have to remember is not many people has the privilege like me to be there. I am the only one. The video person who takes photos and can relate with the situation and the channel to air it. Not that I am boasting but I really am one of a kind. I did it because I feel it in my heart.