“putting yourself as a Malaysian first does not make you less of a Chinese or Malay”

Someone left this comment on this Youtube video:

“His most famous quote was that putting yourself as a Malaysian first does not make you less of a Chinese or Malay,” Late Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu said.

This tribute just a moment for many leaders come to learn and realise mission of such a great man whom had no regret walking this journey of his life without regret by contributing himself completely to his love ones and people beyond politics or human selfishness.May late Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu return and rest in joy with the Heavenly Father.Amen

He didn’t leave a name but I believe it must be true.

It has been four very hectic days for me but I am glad I was part of this. My arms and shoulders are still a bit sore from holding the tripod and DSLR up high. My poor feet get ‘watery bubbles’ from all that walking. I am in The Sun today, next to the hearse with a camera dangling from the neck and a tripod with video cam in my hand. I think I must keep that photo and show to my grandchildren in future. “See, grandma was a street photographer?”

I am glad I didn’t get a sunburn from yesterday’s walk down historic roads. I stood so close to Najib but unfortunately Rosmah didn’t come or I would quickly ask my friends to take a picture of me and her. Or probably the huge entourage of bodyguards will pushed me to the grounds and let me eat dust?

It has been a learning process for me. For example, protocols are such a pain. We cannot leave our bags near the TPM. I must bring my own biscuits and water but that doesn’t mean I even have time to eat. Some politicians have such thick skin. It’s nice to be reporters than anyone else because the politicians won’t dare show their lansi-lanyong face to you.

I saw with my own eyes one person trying to grab the seat from the rightful person. I saw with my own eyes how he refused to sit at the seat allocated to him, instead, purposely stood near the PM and like musical chair, want to grab the seat next to PM. Aiyor…

And the funny thing that made me want to say out loud, ‘Aiyor….they are not clapping for you lah!’ Cos when PM left in his car, a crowd (of regular folks) clapped to greet/bye him. Instead, someone waved to the crowd. While our CM was sombre face, head downturn and walked into the Dewan.

Then, on the streets, as I was running/walking with my camera with the rows of people waiting excitedly/eagerly for the hearse, I overheard many said, “Nah, ling guan ying, khuah tiok boh?” They were pointing to the other Lim (as the state leaders lead the hearse while the casket was far behind the bands/troupes/family). But the Koh instead waved to the people like he was in a happy parade. One woman said out so loud, “Huey chee tiok bueh khi, cheen hor ee lork” (rocket must go up, dacing must come down) so I laugh out loud at her remarks. She stared and me and said, “uu nya eh…larn mien keah eh” (real one, we must not be afraid one). And don’t get me started on MCA leaders who tried to push their way inside when the army, marine, police were supposed to go in to bring the casket out……

The most poignant moment for me is when Tun’s long time secretary and his driver/bodyguard cried. I couldn’t hold back tears then. I didn’t film or take photos when Tun’s family said their last goodbye because I feel they deserve the privacy.

I have one more video to make to sum up all the four days. But I need time to rest first.

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  1. Very good coverage of Pg CM LGE at the late Tun Lim’s wake. The main tv and newspapers show only Koh the ex-CM pretending to hawk the limelight at all times. What a joke!. I am sure all Malaysians are now born yesterday. Keep up this good work Lilian. At least readers will get a balanced view now. 🙂

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