Christmas stuffs

I renewed my Flickr Pro account the other day because I couldn’t view my old photos. So, I paid USD24.95 for another year of photo hosting. Therefore, I am viewing my old pics because I had paid for it.

*Lilian goes into melancholy mood, anticipating Christmas with plenty of apprehension*

Not sure why but Advent and Lent always put me in these sort of searching, wondering, hankering (for dunno what) mood. Maybe it is to allow the Holy Spirit to take the lead and show me where to head to.

Christmas this year is a lot different from the early years when I first converted. Now, my in-laws are asking if I am holding a Christmas party. They have sort of got over the ‘she is not one of us anymore’ feel, I suppose. Maybe, my turkeys and lamb shanks pies have won the unbelievers over. They find out that actually…having a brother’s wife who converted herself and all her sons into Christianity is not so bad after all. They got nice pies and roast meats to eat!

It has been a good year. My two older sons are now into party planning mood. They will be the main cooks. I am merely the kitchen helper now. Reverse roles. My eldest son had even bought green and red stuffs from Ikea recently for the party. They had opened a Facebook page and invited our relatives and friends.

Both of them will be working on Christmas day. As expected, if you are a chef, you don’t get holidays anymore. So, we celebrate it earlier, on Chinese christmas. On 22nd December.

My Christmas tree is awfully small now. Looking at a pic from 2005, I feel kinda of melancholy that my little boy is now taller than the tree. Reminds me of the song 1st of May, When I was young and Christmas trees were tall….Sigh…1st of May, the day my fourth son left us. Probably the day when I found Christ. All is good then.

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