Sons can cook

Whee! I can retire from the kitchen from now on.


My two older sons are a little bit free today and they cooked dinner. My eldest son was training at Sigi’s until recently. He has finished his Diploma in Professional Chef training. My second son is in his second year in the same course and he works part time in the cold kitchen in Figo’s.

Today is one of those rare days when both of them are not working or have something to do. So, we hopped over to the frozen food supplier nearby and bought our Christmas turkey and other food stuffs.


#2 son knead some dough to make focaccia. And the bread goes with the creamy brocolli soup his elder brother cooked.


Here’s the bread with the cook.


My little boy grimaced at all those vegetables. I bought the four tomatoes because they are pretty.


My two sons preparing dinner. I got shoo-ed out because I was trying to get in between to take photos with my brand new Olympus EP-1 camera. Nice….now I can sit back and do nothing. I have retired!


I can sip tequila or Bailey’s and cream….

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  1. Wah,am so envious of you lilian to hav 2 sons who can cook a Feast!Congrats on your “retirement “.

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