A caffeine driven 5xmom

I just posted on my Facebook. Never trust pretty girls who give free caffeinated drinks. I refused to mention brand here cos I am very commercialized. No money, no honey.

So, anyway…they gave us these free drinks and I walloped a whole can in a few gulps because I was thirsty. Though I am dead tired, the brain is like very, very alert.

Let me crap something on my blog and see if I can bore myself to sleep. Hmmm…I wonder if that is possible? Boring self to sleep?

I attended the Penang State level open house and wow…those Christians are like the most enthusiastic, CM fans. They screamed, clapped and stood to welcome him. It is so amusing..But thank goodness people don’t always that or else I will think I am working for a superstar or something.

It is very unreal. That the church leaders know me already. It is divine’s work. Once a upon a time, back when there were some hiccups with the burning and such, I covered the issue and met with these church leaders, pastors, bishops. Today, they know my name.

I tell you, in a million years, I never dream I could even go near the Bishop. They are like such holy men and I am like such a total noob where Christianity is concerned. But now? Two Bishops! Wow…I am still amaze with myself. Plus the pastors from the Baptist and Methodist churches. *faints*

*excuse me, I need to brag to get rid of caffeine. Puke bucket is in the corner, if you need to puke or something*

I guess I have to give glory to God that I always have that bubbly personality. I would go yakity yak with some people like I know them very well and they sort of warmed up and we chat.

We talked about things like education opportunities and stuffs. Christians are nice in a way. They take responsibility of the world around them, politics included because they feel it is their responsibilities to make the wrongs right. So, they are very involved. Though not openly very political, they do discern who are good and who are bad by their actions. (I am not saying other faiths don’t, ok?)

East Malaysia has so many Christians and I tell you, it is not difficult to sell that idea to them and win their votes. I wonder why they have continued to be support the seemingly very bad one?

Today, at the Pakatan convention, I was focusing on the East Malaysians. I specifically looked for the Sabah and Sarawak delegates. I video one Sabahan delegate’s speech. And ironically, I ended up with more Sarawakians and Sabahans at the Christmas open house.

I notice a group of very friendly faces so I stopped to chat with them. More to get some photos and short stories for our Penang State bulletin call Buletin Mutiara. They are from Sabah. Then, just before I leave, I walked around and a group of Sarawakian dancers caught my attention.

So, yeah, the visionary 5xmom is going to focus on them. If there is a by-election, touch wood not, this time I am going to take sampan and enter jungle to go on campaign trail. I missed the Sibu one because I wasn’t with the state yet. I think it is our responsibility to be part of the great awakening. Putrajaya or not, some of the bad ones ought to be shown the exit and we have to play a part in it. No matter how small it is. And by the way, the leader is busy with a new wife so that makes it an advantage, no? He will probably be too tired to do anything, what with a hot chick like that.

Talk about tired, I am really tired now. Caffeine has turned to piss.

3 thoughts on “A caffeine driven 5xmom

  1. AirAsia flies twice a day to Kuching from Penang and once a day to Kota Kinabalu. Wouldn’t be surprised there are so many Sarawakians and Sabahans in Penang. Tony Fernandez can smell that there is money making opportunity. In my work place (in Penang), there are many Sabahans and Sarawakians, and we really have the true Malaysian feeling among us. When we (from Peninsular) talk about Malaysians, due to our ignorance, we only think that Malaysians are only Malays, Chinese and Indians. I always say that those from the Peninsular are more under the tempurung than our fellow Malaysians from the east.

    With cheap flights by AirAsia, I suggest that we should go over to Sabah/Sarawak at least once in our life time to experience truly Malaysia over there and not the polarized Malaysia in the peninsular

  2. I was in Kuching last year.

    Had kopi at a Chinese lady operated shop – a Malay policeman was also having coffee, 2 Malay-looking guy having beer … no issue.

    Had breakfast at Chong Choon cafe operated by Chinese – Malay lady with her daughters having same stuff as me … no issue.

    very Muhibbah !

  3. One thing for sure is that in Sarawak and Sabah, do not try to figure the ethnic background of the people that you come across. They may look Malay or Chinese or “native”

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