’twas the nights before Christmas

It’s is 2.30 am. The smell of butter shortbread fills the air. Meanwhile, for a change, Christmas songs are playing on my son’s Youtube.

I have seasoned the chicken and lamb shanks. My second son is experimenting with the leg of lamb.

My eldest son is baking gingerbread man using shortbread recipe.

Me? I was hovering around with my camera and iPad. They find me getting in the way. So, here I am, in my room, enjoying the fact that I don’t need to do anything.

The turkey is thawing and waiting for this master (mistress, if you want) to season it with brandy. Glugs of XO, salt and pepper. Stuff cold butter in between the skin and the body. Layer with bacon on top to shield the bird from overcooking. That’s my recipe which I learned from Auntie Suzanne.

Seven years of Christian faith has changed me tremendously. Having nice Auntie Suzanne who loves me enough to share her family recipes with me. Living in the Christian community where Christmas means a lot more than gifts and trees.

Few years back, Christmas takes a while before I feel it in my soul. Now, Christmas is not about celebrating but about sharing goodwill. My in-laws are coming in full force. That means at least 20-30 of them. It is good when some of them begin to accept that I am not going to preach to them about going to hell.

I didn’t normally buy gifts. My whole family is not into that sort of thing because it is just so hard to decide what to buy. So, it is one less stress.

This year, my two older sons are working on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. It is expected when they are into this line. So, we are celebrating Christmas earlier. On 22nd Dec during Winter Solstice.

We are having a party. A makan party with booze, if you like. Lots of good foods, courtesy of my two sons. We have turkey, roast leg of lamb, satay celup, shepherd pie, satay celup and lots of other stuffs. Of course, the char koay teow which you can fry yourself.

So, if you are my friends, church friends, media friends, blog supporters (i.e. someone I know long enough), relatives, working colleagues, please accept this as my invitation. I had been so occupied rushing videos for PR, finding photos for the posters and rushing news, I forget all about inviting people.

My two sons said, “Man…look at your mom! Today is Tuesday and she invites people one day before the party!” Anytime anyone come, we have foods. So, come by…

3 thoughts on “’twas the nights before Christmas

  1. Hi,new reader here…yet again being nosey=)your food description is making me “gaga”(good one HOR)almost like my 6 year penchant for hotdog 24/7 …Here’ s wishing you a great Xmas dinner celebration with your love ones ..God Bless!

  2. aiyah, too bad I am not someone you know long enough ..but the menu sure sounds tempting šŸ˜‰ since christmas comes early, here is wishing you and your family a blessed christmas and new year.

  3. aiyoo i so home sick for penang food n now torturing n salivating ovr yr party food *sob sob*

    anyways have a blessed Christmas n good cheers always.

    Merry Christmas šŸ˜‰ xoxo

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