Hongkong Disneyland family holiday

A trip to Hongkong is always filled with new new discoveries. I had been to Hongkong several times but each time, I return with plenty of stories to tell.

Hongkong is one of those tourist location which offers different group of people different kind of entertainment and excitement. For my family which has children range from age 21 to 7 years old, it is the best place. The eldest get their dose of shopping therapy while the younger ones have thrills and spills that fit their age.


We immediately head for the malls after we checked in our hotel in Causeway Bay. Christmas is already in the air. With the chilly weather, it feel so good to soak in the atmosphere of bright lights, elaborate Christmas deco and walked through the busy streets.


Hongkong has super efficient mtr, taxi, buses and even the tram services. So we zig zag around, go through tunnels and over bridges like a pro.


I absolutely fall in love with Hongkong wet market because it is so clean and has all kinds of fresh foods, including prawns and fishes which are still swimming.


We headed for several theme markets. My second son who couldn’t join us due to college exam is not left out. With internet and mms, we bought sneakers like what he wanted. I grabbed my iPad from the electronics and digital street. If you are a gadget freak like me, you will go crazy with the latest models of cameras not available yet in our country. Prices are cheaper due to our stronger ringgit. My younger boys went to toys street and had their fun.


Of course, how can I not mention the Hongkong breakfast and roast goose we had plus all the mouth watering desserts we savoured? A lamb hot pot under the stars at some back lane kept us warm in Hongkong cold weather.


Our ultimate destination – Hongkong Disneyland Resort and a stay at Hongkong Disneyland Hotel. One can easily make a reservation through HKDL Ticket & Reservation


On the third day, our Hongkong Disneyland adventure begins. The moment we got down from the taxi at the porch of hongkong Disneyland hotel, I felt like I had left the real world behind. Snow White was in the lobby. I dropped my luggage and join the queue to take pictures with her.


Initially the boys were a bit reluctant to take picture with a princess like Snow White but when they see Pluto, Goofy. Donald prancing around the restaurant, gardens and lobby, they also lost the inhibitions and joined me in queuing for more photos.


Hongkong Disneyland has that magical touch. You just drop the hangups and start having fun like a kid. You walk around humming your favorite Disney theme songs. You shriek when you see a cartoon character you like.


My boy loved the maze in front of our hotel but I have to ‘rescue’ him out of it by telling him the directions to take because the well trimmed bushes are higher than him.


The hotel has a nice pool and we are glad it was too chilly and the boys had a nice dip before they start their Disneyland adventure.

We had our lunch at Crystal Lotus with it’s cutesy dim sum that make you so reluctant to bite for fear you hear a squeak from the little green man. Our next few meals were at Hongkong Hollywood Hotel and Hongkong Disneyland Hotel. Their buffet spread is very elaborate and complete. I shall blog about the foods in another post.

Each meal is thrilling to my boy because there are Mickey shapes foods in every meal. Waffles, vegetables, pancakes, chocolates, cakes…they come in Mickey’s classic form.


But meals are not just for kids. The Crystal Lotus restaurant serves a lovely cheese baked rice with crab meat in this golden crab shell.


Buzz Lightyear greeting kids and adults.


Tigger bouncing everywhere in the Winnie the Pooh ride. You must not miss this mesmerizing and enchanting ride because the visual is so breathtaking with glow in the dark ride and not forgetting the rain. It is almost like real!


The cast of Golden Mickey, with every Disney movies’ characters you can think of like Hunchback of Notre Dam, Aladdin, Buzz Lightyear, Tarzan….

Do you know you can buy a package holiday that covers hotel, meals and entrance to the Disneyland theme park? And the wicked thing is you get a fast pass. I must confess I took the Buzzlight Year ride three times, Winnie the Pooh ride twice and if I had more time, I would go on the Space Mountain ride till I puke. There is nothing like having a fast pass that gets you to the front without queuing up. I felt like a VIP!


I am one of those crazy moms who cannot bear being challenged by the kids so I will take any rides, no matter how scary just to prove I dare. However, if you are not the gutsy ones like me, you will still enjoy many rides like the Jungle River Ride.


I love it soooo much! Water splashing, wild animals, cannibals and all are so real. The most exciting moment is when we were trapped at a place where there is fire, smoke and water shooting everywhere. My little boy had his chance of ‘driving’ his big brother around the track of the Autopia as well.


All of us thoroughly enjoyed the glitzy Golden Mickeys and Lion King shows which have us mesmerizing about past Disney blockbusters with each song and dance. The set is huge with the singers and dancers prancing around the audience.


Of course, the most magical moment is the fireworks in the evening. It is my first ever grand fireworks. I have seen a few but none can compare to the background of the Disney castle and the exploding colourful fireworks.


It was a total WOW for me, what more the kids. We huddled together in front of the Snow White Castle and went…oooo….ahhhhh….wow….oooo…in unison like a pack of green men, with our mouth and eyes opened wide. Remember, your trip is not complete without watching the fireworks.


Hongkong is certainly an excellent choice for a family holiday. It caters to all ages, it is not that big so you do not need to travel too much and it has great foods. A day or two at Hongkong Disneyland certainly make this trip extraordinary because all of us get to enjoy the magical Disney at affordable price.


Disneyland is one of those places you must visit at least once in a lifetime. Actually, this is my second Disneyland trip, the first being the one in France. You won’t get tired of Disney simply because all of us have part of our childhood memories etched in those cartoon characters. Whether it is Mickey or the current Disney characters like Lilo and Stitch or Buzz Lightyear. Visit Hongkong Disneyland website here to feel the magic now.

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