Looking back at 2010

Christmas is here. Waiting in line is the New Year. Another year gone by, what have you done?

As usual, I have my blog to refer to and I know what I have gone through in the last 12 months.

In the beginning of the year, I lamented about being a ‘Manusia Tiada Bekerja‘. Never mind that I was earning good money as a blogger, it is still ‘Unemployed’. So, should I be thankful now I have a pekerjaan to fill in those forms?

February was Chinese New Year month and I had my usual CNY rants. Plus I was active as a CJ. I am built tougher.

And what did I do in March 2010? Pretty much the same, a lot of CJ videos. But I went to Koh Lipe, Thailand and came back with a post I called ‘Thank goodness I am not born a dick‘. Now, I wonder where I got those crappy stuffs from? And where I find the guts to pen down those nonsense that I think off?

In April 2010, I was a bitch. A nice, sweet, funny, friendly bitchy one though. I am glad I got rid of those barnacles that stick around our environment. I said ‘Por dah‘. And like they said, one door closed, another one opens.

I left the ‘Comfort Zone‘ in May. I was asked if I want to do this video thing as a permanent job. Initially, I hesitate because I felt it was too huge a responsibility for me as I need to adjust my time to fit working hours and also my son’s school hours.

By June, I said openly that I am working with so&so. Actually, I started in May but I didn’t mention it until June. It is no fun anymore because I cannot say ‘I am the #1 fan’ as I have colleagues to face. They will think I am crazy.

My boy reminded me if I don’t go take video take video, I will be earning Farmville coins only. After all the crazy schedules, I had to touch base with God in August. September is birthday month but sometimes, it is not so happy birthday but rather emo day.

Through it all, months of ups and downs, mostly ups, I am glad I miss church. It means I love the community feel, love the idea of having a secure and safe place and a God that lives amongst us. I had to juggle with my unpredictable weekends due to work and my commitments at church. But so far, so good. I want to stay close to church, giving back some of my time and skills so God has to help me find that balance.

November was quite a busy month, Tun Lim died. I was busy but I had time to write one resurrection versus rebirth post.

Overall, 2010 has been a fantastic year. I went to Hongkong Disneyland on a sponsored trip. My family went on a car trip to Phuket. We got to Singapore as well. All these trips are fantastic opportunity to bond or keeping close to our kids. They are growing real fast and soon, we need to make appointments to even have our meals.

Financially, we were ok, having bought Oasis for the kids and ourselves. Health wise, thank God, praise the Lord we are all fine. Happiness, love, warmth, hope, faith, we have it all.

So, that caps 2010.

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