They have my Hainanese cooking genes…

These two surely get my Hainanese cooking genes in them. If my mother is here, I am 100% sure she will be telling them how naughty they had been when they were small. Especially the eldest because he was always bugging my mother in the kitchen.


Today, we get to eat nice foods whenever they have time to cook. This looks like our pre-New Year’s eve dinner as my two sons have to work on New Year’s eve.


So, we got ourselves a rack of pork ribs from the butcher. The whole slab is only about RM18.


I baked a loaf of bread with grains. It is really easy because you can get all the ingredients including the recipe from the cooking shops. I have a bread machine to knead and I merely throw the loaf into the oven.


The #2 son watching over the ribs which he seasoned himself. My #1 son was working so #2 DIY. A slab of pork ribs is not easy to handle due to the weight and also the heat. He ‘steamed’ it partially and grilled it at the last few minutes.


I have some stock from the leg of lamb we cooked during Christmas so we made a creamy green peas and mint soup.


I am in the mood of playing with Picnik which is a photo editing online software that comes with Flickr. So, you see all these weird colours. It is supposed to be artistic, ok?


So, yeah, it is really nice to have sons who cook. We get nice foods at a fraction of the cost. Nowadays, not many restaurants that serve Western foods can impress me anymore. Nothing like crowding around our messy dining table and tearing the ribs with our bare hands. Don’t forget the knees on the chair plus the burping.

Thank God for wonderful family. Thank God for the blessings.

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  1. So proud for you. Kids grow up and now it is their turn to cook for you to eat. If you mum is still around, she will not just tell them how naughty they are in the kitchen bugging her but she will also feel proud for them.

    Erina Law recently posted..Art Blog

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