How many resolutions did I achieve in 2010?

I did make 10 resolutions for 2010. So, what did I achieve?

Resolution 1 is to ‘Do something’ about our society and I hope I am doing that in my role as a blogger, an active Twitterer and being the CM’s shadow. I had made hundreds of videos, of news from Penang, human stories and political things. So, yes, 1/10.

Next is to be comfortable with a church. In 2009, I was quite torn because I just moved to Tanjung Bungah and had troubles fitting into Pulau Tikus church. Eventually, I stick to Cathedral of the Holy Spirit even if it means additional traveling time. But I still miss Father Fabian… 2/10

I wanted to further my study related to Christianity but that didn’t materialise. I started working in the CM’s office from May and after that, I didn’t have time for day classes at College-General. I know I would have loved to study under Father Gerard. 0/10

In 2009, Mother Superior of the old folks home asked me if I can volunteer time to read to the old folks and talk to them. I somehow failed to find the time. My little boy went to Std One and although I had the time, I guess I didn’t want to commit. It is quite scary to have people endeared to you, what more lonely old folks. When I was working as a voluntary pastoral care worker in the cancer hospital, at least they don’t stay for long (either go home, recover or die) so I am not ‘attached’ too long. 0/10

I am still as hopeless where housekeeping is concerned. I am used to it, love it and prepare to die in a messy home, someday. You won’t find Home Magazine kinda home. So, that actually fulfil my resolution cos I did not have resolution to turn into Martha Stewart. 3/10

Resolution 6 was :Be more daring, bolder, firmer, obnoxious, wiser, cooler head, less defensive, more forgiving and vocal. I got pissed off a lot, I didn’t bite back, but overall…ok lah….And yay, I didn’t scratch anyone’s car or have evil intents to burst their tyres. So, one more. 4/10

I still make good money through my blogs. So, yes, 5/10.

I made resolutions to buy things I DON’T need because I deserve it. My resolution was to spend 10% of my income on useless stuffs. I did spend on make-up, iPad, phone and other things that I really don’t need to. 6/10

Oh, resolution 9 was to get out of the country by air. And praise the Lord, my family was given a sponsored trip to Hongkong. This is really an extra bonus. 7/10

Last resolution was to getaway all by myself for whatever reasons. I didn’t manage that. After I started working in May, my days are numbered, depending on the annual leaves and weekends are tied around CM’s schedules. So, what to do….But I resolve to do so in 2011. A silent retreat, looking for the mountain top feelings in an inspirational way or going for some courses. No children, no husband, just me and myself.

So, yes, I achieve 7/10 things I wanted to do. My 2010 resolutions can be read here.

Now, on to make some silly resolutions for 2011! I love doing all these lists, so fitting for my control freak nature.

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  1. Happy new year Lillian …and more resolutions for 2011!=))))especially the mountain and YOU make it happen!

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