The only one resolution I need in 2011

At the final hours, I realise what is the single, most important resolution I should keep in 2011.

That I will stay close to the Lord.

By that, I must not find too many excuses to skip church.

I resolve to work out my schedules to serve the church through my commitments in teaching in catechism class, lectoring (even if it means waking before 6 am on Sunday morning, once a month only) and contribute in whatever way I can.

I should try harder to make sure my younger kids attend as many church camps as possible (though I find it hard to fetch and drop them, or we need to go for family holidays and the dates clashed etc).

I will try to embrace more vigor so that I can endure boring homilies. Which is the main reason why I sometimes skip church and choose to sleep in because I have that ‘same ole same ole boring homilies, why bother?’ attitude.

I am going to continue joining the church choir for Easter eventhough it is hard to find Sunday free for practice (cos most of the times, the video subject is most busy on weekends and hence, my hours are tied to covering assignments).


all we need in life is God. When we place Him as the priority, everything else falls through.

Our sanity,

our health,

our happiness,

our wealth,

our relationship,

our direction,

our everything in life.

So, why bother with 10 resolutions when you can place your trust in Jesus?

He won’t make me any slimmer, but I know He won’t let me fall too sick to care for my family;

He won’t make me any much richer, but I know I won’t ever be in need;

He won’t make me any more famous, but I know I am loved, regardless.

So, Happy New Year 2011, everyone.

May you find your happiness, joy and love all through the year.


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  1. That’s a nice one Lilian. Hope you achieve your resolution. I think I saw you in Church last week, I’ve always wanted to see your real person as I’ve always admired you from your blog. Keep up the good work! And happy 2011 to you & your family. God bless
    ablogaway recently posted..Feast of the Holy Family

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