Three pictures I like

As some of you may know, or maybe not, my job is to take photos.

This morning, a gentleman came to me while I was in Risen Christ and asked me how to take the whole church photo. I was sniggering inside (Do I even look like I am a photographer?). But if I think I can, I can. So, I offered some tips.

That’s when I realised how I ended up being a photographer? Of course, photography is not my main job as I am more into making videos. But sometimes, I doubled up as photographer cum videographer, with two cameras because it is impossible for my colleague and I to cover everything.

But then, I love taking pictures. So, it is fun running around, finding the best angles.


This morning (Sat morning, 1/1/11) I have an assignment to cover Risen Christ opening of the renovated church. I usually like to take the back view of the main subject against the backdrop. I call it the Barrack Obama’s pose. Really…you can check Barrack Obama’s photos and notice how they tend to put him in the forefront and then, have the huge crowd in front. You don’t see the face, cos really…aren’t you sick of looking at faces? So, you see what the main subject is seeing.

So, I was standing there, waiting and suddenly I realised it will be cool to have the Bishop against the church new building. And praise the Lord, I got this photo. I love it so much. What more, with Father Stephen’s face there (the one in dark glasses). The priest whom had influenced my Christian’s path, the one who baptised me and had given me so much guidance when I was a struggling Catholic. Some of the things I learned from Father Stephen is to let God do everything in His time. He also told us no one can make us angry if we do not allow it.


Then, there is the New Year’s eve countdown at the Esplanade. I was amazed to see so many people in the field. I reached there at 10pm and the field was not filled. I was telling myself that the event is going to bomb because the crowd was sparse and not so responsive.

But when the clock was about to strike 12, I climbed on to the stage and wahlau-eh, the whole field is full! I was so glad I risked getting scolded by a fat Rela woman for breaching the ‘untouchable territory’. Unless there is a higher ‘authority’ than my subject (the CM lah), I usually try to get the angles I want. Most times, I get barred or scolded or given the black face when I want to go to a certain position to get a picture. But then, I told myself, what’s the point of the state and corporate companies spending so much when these Rela and etc people refused to let us capture the moment? So, I am obstinate and insisted to do so.

I bet most mainstream media will not report that there is a crowd which is so responsive at the New Year’s Eve countdown. I really cannot estimate how many thousand people were there.


I love these balloons! These are so cheerful, colourful and said everything.

I love taking pictures. My photography is not the best but who cares…I am given the task to take pictures and I take it with my heart and soul. I ‘feel’ my pictures. Unfortunately, most times I don’t feel so bubbly so I get bleh photos.

2 thoughts on “Three pictures I like

  1. when i first looked at the first photo (before reading abt the barack obama pose), i thought that it looked like something that’s usually featured in TIME magazines… it’s a great shot that feels magically alive.

    happy new year 5xmom!

  2. fishing for compliment meh … no need lah, the church picture was fabulous !

    Happy New Year & God Bless to a practising Catholic !

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