Calling parents who are concern about their kids education

Here is an invitation I received from my sons’ school PTA. I support PAGE and their call to allow us to choose if we want our children to continue studying Maths and Science in English or BM. I also disagreed with the manners our Education Minister who kept changing the policies.

Do you know that some of our children who were born in 1996 and 2003 have to make drastic switches from English to BM? If the Education Minister and his Deputy have any commonsense, they will at least allow those who are born in 1996 to continue in English until they completed Form Five.

Right now, my son who is born in 1996, entered Standard One and studied Maths and Science in English have to change to BM when he enters Form Four. Only people with little commonsense will subject our children to such changes. Plus, they recently come up with the new ruling where they must pass Sejarah in SPM. As I see it, they are subjecting our kids’ future for their own selfish, political needs, looking for popularity votes and disregard all professional advices.

I am not able to attend the forum as I have a compulsory meeting in church. But I hope Penangites will spread the info and get parents to attend. Go, know what is going to happen to our children, make your opinions heard and be brave to tell those politicians to stop meddling with our children’s future.

I have bugged the Dep Education Minister YB Dato Wee Ka Siong on Twitter but as usual, we know we are not important unless they want our votes. I merely asked that they allow the children to complete Form Five and not get them to change in the middle of their study years. My little boy has to change to BM when he reaches Standard Four.

Your are cordially invited to a forum entitled

– Science & Maths in English as an option’

on Jan 7, 2011 (Friday) at 7.30pm – 10.00pm.
at Wawasan Open University, Level 5,
54, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, 10050 Pulau Pinang.

jointly organized by Parents Action Group for Education Malaysia (PAGE) with Wawasan Open University (WOU) and Penang Gerakan.

The forum’s objectives is to get feed-back from the public namely parents and experts in the industry on the Malaysian education policies with emphasis on the Government’s reversal of learning and teaching of Science and Maths in English (or PPSMI, the Malay acronym for the policy). We hope that the forum will provide a fresh perspective critical towards moving the nation forward in matters of education. The main points from this forum will be incorporated into a memorandum to be handed to the Prime Minister at a later date.

It is a public forum open to all. You may also call Mr. Gan (016-4865016 or for further details.



6 thoughts on “Calling parents who are concern about their kids education

  1. Hi, Datuk Wee dun agreed on the teaching Science and Maths in Malay. It is the minister who agreed on this policy. He was pushed by the Pejuang bahasa. If u are influence enough to make sure the pejuang Bahasa Malaysia do not agreed on this, then we can chance this policy. U know : pejuang bahasa carries alot of weight in the general Election.

    Else, we will still be the same as now. Even Pakatan Rakyat rule. We will still be the same.

  2. I know many parents want PPSMI to continue and are not happy with the decision to abolish PPSMI. But sadly, I do not see many parents voicing out their disagreement. If you want PPSMI to continue, please come to the forum.

    If you are not sure whether to attend the forum or not, just look into the eyes of your innocent children and ask “Why are those in power doing this to our children’s future which is the country’s future”.

  3. I have heard about the changing of school policies so many times, although I am still not sure what they are trying to do because my kid will not be going to school in Malaysia. My respects to those parents who care and voice out their opinion. We know the chances of getting our points heard and respected but, don’t we all get ‘trained’ to be a tougher and better person compared to other races with their silly policies all these years?

  4. Please don’t give up. Please attend the forum. PAGE is going all out to have the PPSMI option. Eventhough we may not go to the streets to be heard, we shall continue to do it the civil way.

    I am grateful that we have PAGE especially Datin Azimah as pejuang PPSMI.

    We have to be clear that we are not againts the decision to have science and maths in BM but we want to be given the option to choose English since Chinese and Tamil are the other options.

    Again, I appeal. Please come to the forum and let’s be the pejuang together.

  5. I’m born in 1996 as well. I, too, dislike the way the governemnt keeps changing policies. It’s getting very frustrating for us impressionable students who slave away just so we can conform to the idea that “good grades good future-guaranteed!”. I don’t even feel like what I study computes to real life, sometimes. What does Nilai Murni of some agreement or some battle have to do in a Sejarah exam?! Save that for out moral tests, please.

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