Between hunger and punctual

Today is one of those days where I must unload some thoughts before I can sleep.

Yesterday, I have two ‘current news’ videos to rush. After doing that, someone pointed out the mistake with the year 2010. So, it is back to editing and processing again. Got a call from someone’s PA and she said her boss needs some videos urgently. Knowing what they want and also I feel it is my job, I told her ok, I will try to rush it though I have to clear my current news.

She got to my house in the rush hour on her bike and poor woman only realised she missed out 1 DVD. There are 4 DVDs altogether. I found out too late that they actually gave me 4 DVD of a whole day event and I have to find where the part I am supposed to extract and convert to computer format.

So, she said she will go back and pick up the missing DVD and bring to me again. However, we ended up meeting in Green Lane (this time she is with her little dotter on bike). In case you do not know, political parties are filled with a lot of hardworking peoples who are unseen, unheard and get little publicity.

I grabbed the dvd from her and rush to church because we have a meeting. I was feeling extremely hungry and decided to stop and eat. I swallowed down a plate of wantan mee. I thought if I am 10 mins late, it is fine because normally, we catch up, settled down before meeting proper.

But no..prayer was over, meeting began.

Today, I have an urgent PC and it dragged on till 7 plus. I have another compulsory meeting again. So, I do not want to be late. But Green Lane was jammed. Again, I was feeling sooo hungry. And that’s when I battled with the ‘Should I stop for 10 minutes to eat and risked being late again?’ ‘Must I get there on time to avoid the awkwardness?’

That’s when I suddenly thought of Jesus’s words, “When I am hungry, you fed me”. Hmm…the devil must be playing in my mind. But never mind, I told myself, “Hey, I am the temple of God and I must nourish myself before I can nourish my soul.” So, I decided I am going to grab something to eat at the nearby coffeeshop because I have 15 minutes more.

I finished my lam mee and Nescafe peng and got there in time. And I was telling myself. Better they have some of us who are busy rushing through our lives so we can empathize with those who are in our shoes. Rather than have a whole bunch who are so free, they think the world moves at their tempo.

There are lots of changes in church, demanding some sacrifices from us but I am ready to take on the challenges. I have placed God in my #1 list this year so I pray I have the will to do it, the discipline to learn and most of all, the faith that there is no mountain too high, or problems too big, God cannot solve it.

Again, the hymn creeps into my mind and I started humming it though I don’t quite know the lyrics. Hmm…I like the inspirational me.

Now, I can go to sleep soundly. Long, long, busy weekend. I love them when I can find some inspirations in the people I meet or situations that touch a chord in my heart. That’s why I always pray silently that Jesus will not let me pass a day without ‘feelings’. When the heart is harden, work is a chore. But when you treat each work as God’s blessings, it is a joy.

Ok, stop it, Lilian. You are preaching too much! Have a good weekend!

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  1. No, Lilian, you are not preaching….you are sharing inspirational thoughts. Love the phrase, “When the heart is harden, work is a chore. But when you treat each work as God’s blessings, it is a joy.” Thank you and God bless. Happy New Year too.

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