I have graduated from ‘How to have a smarter baby’ phase

My eldest son will be 21 years old this April. It is the milestone that says I have graduated from the ‘How to have a smarter baby’ stage. In case you do not know, ‘How to have a smarter baby’ is a book for all new parents.

Before I had that book, I also bought another book, equally famous. It is for pregnant moms and what they need to take to get brainy kids. Beside that, I was religiously following the month by month development of the baby in the womb and parroting everything mentioned there.

When our babies start to hear in our womb and I would repeat the same few sentences for him because the expert said so. Then, we bought all the classical music like Mozart and Beethoven to play over my belly eventhough I hate classical music in real life. I am sure all new parents go through this phase where we live, breath, eat and do everything for that baby growing in us.

Months before my eldest baby was born, I remembered my hubby spending time drawing those dots and chequered boards using watercolour and white manila cards. Remember that this was end 1989 before we go into the 1990s. So, they was no internet access where we could just download and print. Anyway, it was much fuzzier to do it ourselves.

The reason we did it is because we read that we need to stimulate the baby’s brain and get those synapse and stuffs to fire up. Now, with internet access, we have much more information. Now we get lots of information from parenting sites and also experts in nutrition who found out that it is Gangliosides which is supposed to be one of the factor to make them smarter because it promotes brain cells connection.

Beside relying on the foods and milk I took, I also practice the infant stimulation and also baby massage programme advocated by the experts. Gentle touches, dots and circles shown to the baby and even comforting smell of the mother helps. This may sound like a lot of work but it is all part of enjoying our new baby.

As they grow, Gangliosides will continue to be an important brain nutrient that help brain cells connect for faster learning. It is supposed to improve cognitive function. To put it simply, it will help our child’s brain to get wired up, fired up and be brainy

Being brainy doesn’t mean geniuses kind of smart kid. To me, it is one who is active, alert and absorb things easily. So, most moms will find a way to get their kids nurtured with the right kind of foods and milk for faster learning. I may sound like a proud mama but my kids are all very street smart, quick to response and learn things very fast. Currently, my youngest boy still leaves me speechless with his quick retort to things. I told him I am going to start my vegetarian diet next month and am going to enjoy my steak as much as possible now. He told me, “Mom, you can eat cow, you know? They are vegetarian cos they eat grass only.” I guess I have to attribute that quick wit to the brain cells connections aided by all the childhood brain stimulation I had done for him.

New mothers now are much luckier because there are nutritious milk to aid the development of their child. But I am sure they still enjoy the infant stimulation games they play with their infants because it is the love we showered on our babies that brings up a happy, healthy and smart kid.