The day when everything went wrong

The day is 17 Jan, 2011 but things were so messed up, I have lost every desire to blog about it.

So, let me get these off my chest, finally….

It started two nights before that. When I was about to go to sleep, I had a sudden ‘sixth sense’ feelings. Mothers had been connected to their kids when they were in the womb and even when they had been popped out (not pooped, ok?) of her body, I think we somehow have some sixth sense connections.

I had experienced that funny feelings a few times whenever something bad is about to happen to one of my kids. So, I got it and I prayed very hard over it. I asked Jesus to protect them from harm. When I say hard, I mean really earnest, pleading, begging words to Jesus to take care of them.

It happened before when my son smashed up the Perdana. And when they were younger, I too had that weird, uneasy feelings in the heart.

So, on the 17th morning, I have totally forgotten about that premonition. I went to Beach Street. Early in the morning. One of the reporters told me, “Aiyor, Lilian…tadi kereta hon you, you tak dengar kah?” And I really didn’t hear nor see when I crossed Beach Street.

After that, the suey part happened. When everyone has gone off, including the reporters (lucky the nosy reporters were not there anymore), I fell. I don’t know how I fell, or how could I fall because I was wearing a flat, Clarks shoe (which is build to be extra safe). Damn pai seh cos I just badaboop, on the ground with my tripod and all. Blardy hell! It has to happen in front of MPPP big guns. I didn’t hurt myself, luckily. Kinda very lucky cos I could have sprained my ankle or broke my arm (because I broke my fall with only one hand as I was holding the tripod with the other) but I didn’t. Or else I could probably sue MPPP also hor? Hehehehe.

Then, I got home. In the evening, my hubby phoned me with urgency. Go buy porridge. WTH? He said he is sick and at Lam Wah Ee hospital to see the doctor and he wants to eat porridge when he gets home. That man is super whiny even if he is just a wee bit sick. Sigh…

So, I went to the opposite hawker stalls to buy. I was feeling a bit hungry and sat down to order a garlic lamb chop. And he called again.

This time, he said my eldest son had an accident. And that is like the 6 or 7th time I heard of ‘got an accident’ so I am so cool and used to it. Since he is on his way, he said he will go and see him.

I went on eating my lamb chop.

And he called again and said he is stuck at the pre-Thaipusam jam. Sigh…And asked me to go handle it.

I went on eating my lamb chop.

And he called again. He said they had sent him to the hospital in an ambulance. But he added my son is ok, just that they had called the ambulance, so he went.

I went on eating my lamb chop.

And he asked me to go to the hospital to fetch him back. He said he is too sick to drop by. You know men lah, sick a bit also like want to die like that. Lucky my sons all tough one.

I went on eating my lamb chop.

And I called my second son to go with me cos I am not going to that spooky GH on my own.

But my second son said he has to eat dinner first, he was waiting for his pizza.

And he went on eating pizza.

By then, hubby got home and was jumping why both of us were still home. I mean, if he can’t drop by while on the way home, surely it is not so serious that we have to skip all and go immediately?

So, I thought it is not serious. But after some thoughts, I decided to ask Lam Wah Ee if I can bring my eldest son to see them instead of GH. I don’t trust GH, you know?

And they called up GH and said yes, they can do it. But I said, “Wait, maybe I can drive him there myself.”

I got to the GH ER and oh my, it was the most chaotic, messy, crowded and hostile place ever. None of the doctors are free to even pause to talk to me. I don’t see any nurses around who can spare a few seconds to talk either.

My son was alert and his friend was with him. I called up Lam Wah Ee and got their ambulance to come over cos he was definitely not fit for running and getting into car. And I am not going to risk putting my son at the GH for observation, not in that ‘until you show signs you are dying, then, only we are free to treat you’ attitude.

Our public hospital is seriously in need of more nurses and doctors ratio against those flow of sick people. Many of the women collapsed on their wheelchairs and they still have to wait.

My son was soaked in petrol and no one noticed that. His skin was ‘burn’ because of the petrol and a whole area of his skin is slowly peeling off now. They merely bandaged up his arm and left him with his torn pants (boxer not torn never mind) in a public area for kepochees to gawk. At least give him a blanket lah, woi. Where is the ‘preserve patient’s dignity’ value?

Finally, we got to Lam Wah Ee and after some checks, he was found to break his bones, at the arm and also collarbone.

The surgeon asked me if I want to have metal plates inserted into his collarbone as well. He said collar bones normally will heal on its own but my son’s hand definitely need metal plate.

I told him, “Since he is going to get his GA (the gas to konk him out in surgery), then, may as well do everything, insert everything lah”

People may see that accident as horrific. I see it as a blessing because he wasn’t injured badly. I praise and thank God he is ok and only, merely, break some bones.

The few days after that was full of going in and out of hospital. Waiting and more waiting.

Phew…that drained me out physically and mentally. Things are not settled yet. Today I must go to the police station to make a police report because he wasn’t fit enough to go earlier.

So, yeah, that’s the ‘tiger’s tail’ of bad luck. Sweep them away and may the year of the Rabbit brings good health to all.

Chewren – Remember you cannot start a sentence with And…This is bad English. I can because I like.

4 thoughts on “The day when everything went wrong

  1. Yes, good luck to all of us in the rabbit year. My whole family have been passing around the flu germs since end of 2010 until now. I have been hit 3 times and my boy even got eyes infection. Hubby said we have been sick since ang moh new year until now and a week to go before CNY. Hopefully we will be super healthy for the rest of the year.

  2. I have been following your blog for a while.
    I laughed when I saw your remarks about whiny husbands when they are sick. Mine is the same. He was having headache a few weeks ago and was lying on the bed all the time like when I was in confinement. Then he passed his ‘germs’ to me and I stil had to fetch my kid and do stuff. Haiz….
    Yi Ling recently posted..Secret Weapon

  3. have been bz, tak visit yr blog. Thank God yr son is OK ! Wishing you a blessed Rabbit year & keeping yr family healthy & happy !

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